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Getting Involved/Building Your Brand

Effective recruiting is a year-round process. Successful organizations are the ones who are regularly on-campus, make a long-term commitment, and take the time to understand where their engagement can be most impactful. By interacting with your organization frequently, students and faculty/staff members gain a good understanding of your organizational needs and culture, and become more apt to refer well-suited students your way.

 Strategies to consider for maximizing your campus involvement include:

  • Building a solid internship or co-op program. These are among the best recruitment tools available. Give students great work experiences and they become your ambassadors on campus!
  • Participating in career fairs is a great way to connect with GVSU’s talented undergraduate and graduate students and helps you:
    • Enhance your campus presence
    • Highlight your organization, distribute literature and collect resumes
    • Meet face-to-face with seniors, graduate students and alumni looking for full-time positions
    • Connect with underclassmen exploring career options and looking for internships
  • Sponsoring career events offers even greater brand awareness and access to well-qualified students.
  • Helping students develop their job search skills by presenting on a career development topic or facilitating simulated interviews.
  • Volunteering to be a part of the Career Contact Bank, a database of professionals who are willing to provide informational interviews and job shadowing opportunities to GVSU students and alumni.
  • Hosting Information Sessions on-campus which can be utilized in multiple ways. Sessions done the evening prior to interviewing often save valuable interview time later by discussing the organizational culture, structure, etc. They are also a good way to meet students not on your interview schedule. Sessions held well in advance of interviewing are a way to build campus presence and name recognition with students.
  • Investing in the colleges that are training and educating your future employees by making your company available for presentations, speeches, and meetings with professional student organizations.
  • Making connections with faculty in the departments that house the majors of interest to you will increase your exposure to a targeted population of students. Some faculty may be willing to work with you in providing opportunities for you to share your expertise in the classroom. The employer classroom visits typically need to be set up far in advance of your arrival. Employer representatives must have the ability to add “real” world experience that will enhance the curriculum.

Need assistance with developing a winning strategy to increase your campus visibility and build your employment brand? Contact Susan Proctor: proctors@gvsu.edu  or 616-331-6708.

Page last modified August 23, 2012