BP2 Families,
There are so many fun things happening in BP2 and at the CEC this summer. Don't forget to add us on Instagram (@GVSUCEC) to view some pictures of the awesome things we are doing!

Starting in July we will begin our Animals theme in preparation for our zoo trip this summer! We will be talking about all kinds of animals and facts about those animals! We will also incorporate some math and literacy concepts as well as science and nutrition! You will see more artwork coming home as we will be practicing our fine motor skills with glue sticks and paint brushes! 

We have started our Wonderful Wednesday's for the rest of the summer! This means two things: The Reading Bus and GVSU Farmers Market! The Reading Bus will visit us every Wednesday for your child to pick out books! Feel free to take them home and enjoy them with your child until the following Wednesday when they will return them and check out more! The GVSU Farmers Market has also started up on Wednesdays from 10am-1:30pm in parking lot G. We will be visiting (weather permitting) each week so that your children can continue to learn about different healthy eating options. At the farmers market the children will explore different fruits, vegetables and dairy products and will help to pick out an afternoon snack from these options! So, don't be surprised if they come home saying they tried something new!

We have been using a Spanish Immersion technique in our classroom, where we learn different words/phrases in Spanish! So, ask your children about the new words they are learning, and don't be surprised if they start using some of them at home. Right now we are focusing on the days of the week a a few useful phrases:


Sunday - domingo (doe-ming-go) no motion

Monday -  lunes (loo-nays) motion = "rainbow" above head with hands

Tuesday - martes (Mar-tays) motion = salsa dancing

Wednesday - miércoles (me-air-coal-les) motion = hand and voice starting low and moving                          up/louder with each syllable

Thursday - jueves (hue-way-ves) motion = throat "clearing" to start the deep throat "hue"                            noise

Friday - viernes (vi-air-nes) motion = making the "v" sound to start them

Saturday - sábado (sa-ba-doe) this is their favorite, no motion needed :)

"Bless you" - salud (sa-lood) used when sneezing --this actually means "health" as in a                               wish for the person sneezing to have health

Thank You - gracias (gra-c-ias) --actually means "grace" and is used for "many thanks"

You Are Welcome - de nada (de nod-a) --literally means "it's nothing" as a repy to thanks


Our Fitness Instructor Daphnea has been working with the children every Monday and Wednesday on learning to be healthy in what they do (fitness/gym days) and what they eat (fun healthy snacks).



Reading Bus (every Wednesday)

Farmers Market 10-1:30pm (every Wednesday)


Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns. Thank you in advance for your support and communication!

Allison Horne










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