Ms. Te'Asia (Ms. T)

March 2015


We are looking now to see what students are participating in our Summer Program! If you and your family are interested, please add your name to our ORANGE sign-up sheet! We as a staff are trying to gage about how many students we will have, so even if you are not sure, sign up anyway! We will request details at a later date!



We are wrapping up our snow study. The students seemed to really have enjoyed this study! Continue challenging them at home with what kind of clothes we wear in the winter, what animals do in the winter etc. They should be able to answer these questions now!

We are going to move into our Solar System study! The kids have shown an interest in the planets, dirt and plants, so we will take on this study piece by piece to give them a full picture of what planet Earth, and the solar system offers us.

We have begun painting Styrofoam balls to represent our Solar System. We will be sending one new planet home each week to as a collectable piece to the total Solar System. They are great artists!


New to Preschool 2, is a parent involvement component! For the month of March, I would like to invite parents, or family members to schedule a day with me to come in to help in the classroom! The capacity is limited to whatever your talents and capabilities may be! If you have a favorite book from childhood that you would like to share, come in and read! If you like to craft, come in and do an art project with the kids! It’s up to you!

I will also be sending home a special assignment for you and your student to complete together once a month. This will still count as our parent involvement component if you are unable to come in to the classroom. Our goal is to continue to integrate active family members in the students learning at school and everywhere else!



 Now that the weather is changing, please be sure to send a second pair of clothes for the little ones! The snow is beginning to melt, and the water is seeping through their snow gear leaving them a little wet!




We have two new students entering the Preschool 2 classroom: Isaiah and Joshua. Please welcome them and their family into the group! 


I ABSOLUTELY appreciate the open line of communication that you all have opened up with me. It makes the days feel more special than just “coming to work”.  To contact me, email I check my email on a consistent basis, so please, any concerns, or ideas you may have, send them my way!


Happy Reading!

Ms. T


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