There is still time to register for our summer program! If you have a student, know a student, or would like to bring a student, sign up for our summer session. Please see Ms. Sharalle with your questions about our summer fun!



The Month of the Young Child was a success. Thank you all for your support in donations, wearing purple, the reading and plate decorating; all of the contributions were seen and appreciated.

The visit to Meijer Gardens was a success! Between all of the smiling of families and students, I'd say we all had fun! Check the CEC Instagram page for more photos.

We had 5 students who will not be returning to the CEC and to move on to DK, or Kindergarten. Those students were celebrated at Preschool  3's graduation ceremony. We wish you well in your educational endeavors!


We accomplished a lot of learning about planet Earth in our last four weeks! In the last two weeks, the students learned the parts to a flower through a play song. Ask them to sing it to you! We got a chance between the rain showers to go on a hike near the CEC to collect things that grow outside, and we learned a little more about Michigan and its shape. 

For the summer, I made a take home packet that covers what a seed goes through developmentally. There was also a take home packet that was similar to an activity book, that has specific directions in English and in Spanish. The goal in these packets is to give more opportunity for relational education and enjoyment together. 

While you are gardening, or in the community, talk with your student about planet Earth, what comes from the ground, and who lives here. It will spark some great conversation! 



We finally have sunshine, now we are waiting for consistent temperatures! Please be sure to pack extra clothes like a fleece, rain jacket, or long sleeve for when students may wear short sleeves. The temperature is not stable yet, so we want to have all of the appropriate wear!

Is your emergency contacts the same for our summer session? Take time to double check! 

Sunblock will be applied in the afternoon, when the sun is most hottest. If you have a specific sunblock that you want used for your student, feel free to bring it in, and we will label it. 



Our fantastic winter staff is not returning in full effect for the summer session. We will have a modified group on staff each day. I am also taking the summer off, but I will answer emails and questions as best as I can! To contact me, email I check my email on a consistent basis, so please, any concerns, or ideas you may have, send them my way!



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-Check in with our class website monthly for updates and important information!


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Summer Camp has started! Call the CEC for more details! 









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