Weekly Time Allocation

Doctoral Internship:

Weekly Time Allocation (40-45 hours/week**)

 1. Direct Service
Individual and Couples, Counseling/Psychotherapy
(includes intake & urgent care)
13-15 hours
Group Psychotherapy (2nd group added Winter semester) 2-4 hours
Consultation & Outreach 2 hours
Liaison 1-2 hours
Clinical Supervision 1 hour
Career class (if elected) 1 hour
2. Administration
Coordination of an Administrative Area:
   - Peer Education
   - Career Development
   - National Screening Days / Health Science Center Outreach
   - Outreach / Liaison with Athletic Student Services
2 hours
3. Training
Individual Supervision 2 hours
Group Supervision w/Staff Co-leader (Fall semester) 1 hour
Clinical Seminar/ Group Leadership Supervision (rotate e/o week) 1 hour
Multicultural / Diversity Seminar (2 hours e/o week) 1 hour
Rotating Supervision/Seminars (Assessment, Career, Psychiatric Consultation) 1 hour
Intern Seminar 1 hour
Training Seminar 2 hours
Supervision of Supervision (1 hour e/o week, Winter semester) .5 hour
Professional Development Seminar 1.5 hours
4. Professional Activities
Administrative (staff meetings / case notes, etc.) 3-4 hours
Consultation/Research Project (2 hours e/o week) 1 hour

Note: Some activities for interns (and professional staff) occur during evening hours.

**GVSU offers a 2000-hour internship - when vacation hours and university holidays are deducted, the remaining 40-hour work weeks do not total 2000 hours. The extra hours needed come from the evening outreach programs, after hours emergency on-call interventions, electing to teach, and other miscellaneous activities.

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