Inclusion and Diversity at Grand Valley

Grand Valley State has come a long way since the winter of 2005 when a climate survey revealed that not all members of our community felt accepted and valued.

In January 2008, we created the Division of Inclusion and Equity to provide senior leadership to our efforts to make this university community more inclusive for all faculty, staff, and students. Later that year, we launched our first university-wide Inclusion Implementation Plan to help achieve our strategic goal to provide a rich, inclusive learning and working environment that attracts, retains, and supports a diverse community.

Diversity, in all its forms, is at the heart of Grand Valley’s mission to provide a liberal education that will help shape lives, professions, and societies.

This webpage serves as a portal for exploring the university's diversity resources for faculty, staff, and students. Please also be sure to consult the Diversity Directory.


Provides leadership in the development & implementation of a university-wide integrated approach to enhance intercultural competency of students, faculty, & staff.
Promotes the full inclusion of individuals
with disabilities, provides support services and accommodations, and helps to educate on disability issues.
Fosters an appreciation and respect for the history, tradition, and culture of different ethnic groups and empowers students to be active and engaged learners.
Works to create an inclusive environment by providing resources, services, support, education, and leadership programs related to gender and sexuality. 
Provides meaningful learning about women and gender, advocates for gender justice through the education, engagement, and empowerment.
Fosters an appreciation and awareness of diverse cultures, people, and ideas and organizes and coordinates GVSU’s international programs and activities.

Committed to helping you reach your academic and personal goals with the support you need to be a successful student.



            Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Statement of Grand Valley State University
Grand Valley State University is an affirmative action/equal opportunity institution. It encourages
diversity and provides equal opportunity in education, employment, all of its programs, and the 
use of its facilities. It is committed to protecting the constitutional and statutory civil rights of
persons connected with the university.
Unlawful acts of discrimination or harassment by members of the campus community are
prohibited. In addition, even if not illegal, acts are prohibited if they harass or discriminate against
any university community member(s) through inappropriate limitation of access to, or participation
in, educational, employment, athletic, social, cultural, or other university activities on the basis
of age, color, disability, familial status, height, marital status, national origin, political affiliation, 
race, religion, sex/gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, veteran status, 
or weight. Limitations are lawful if they are: directly related to a legitimate university purpose, 
required by law, lawfully required by a grant or contract between the university and the state 
or federal government, or addressing domestic partner benefits.

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