Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of requests for assistance that I should submit to Customer Service?

  • Temperature calls - my office is too hot or too cold.
  • Door problems - the lock on my office door doesn't work.
  • Recycling - I'm cleaning out files and need a large volume of paper picked up for recycling.
  • Spills - someone spilled a pop in the hall.
  • Moves/set-ups - I need several boxes of heavy materials moved across campus.
  • Special events - we need tables and chairs set up for an event.
  • Bulb replacement - the light in my classroom is flickering.
  • Roof leaks - water is dripping from the ceiling.
  • Event signs - I'd like signs put up for a campus event.
  • Hazardous waste - a student spilled something in a lab.

My student lives on campus and would like to report a problem in his/her room. How does he/she submit a work request?

Please ask the student to submit a work order on-line. If this is an emergency, call 331-3000.

How do I know it is an emergency or not?

If a facilities situation jeopardizes an individual's safety or makes a facility unusable or uncomfortable (for example, gas leak, too hot, electrical or lock problems, etc.), please call 331-3000 for immediate assistance. If the request is a routine request (for example, bulb change or cleaning assistance, etc.) then submit the request on-line. If there is any doubt, please call.

What if I'm not sure which department within Facilities Services & Planning to contact?

Call Customer Service at 331-3000 - the staff will be happy to help direct your call.

Page last modified August 11, 2011