Grand Valley Police Department

Active Shooter Response


Program Rationale

A campus community can only be as safe at it allows itself to be. It is not the intent of this program to heighten or raise anxiety, but to provide a forum of discussion surrounding this topic. The intent is to raise awareness and provide options to develop a personal plan in which an individual can mitigate an active shooter situation.

Program Descriptions
This program aids in defining an active shooter situation, assist with identifying potential behavior associated with violent acts, explains how to interact with law enforcement during an event, explains why an aggressive law enforcement response is necessary, and aids in developing a personal plan to further reduce risk.
Intended Outcomes
  • To encourage risk mitigation through being alert, aware, and responsibility for self, others and the community.
  • To expose participants to the realities of active shooter situations
  • To encourage discussion about violence behaviors and appropriate methods to address violence. 

Program Themes
Workplace Violence
Learn about violence in the workplace.  Participants will review past cases of workplace violence and learn to identify potential danger signs.  Participants will also learn about campus resources to help deal with these situations.
Response Options: Active Shooter
Learn about active shooter situations. Participants will gain an understanding of common behaviors associated, how law enforcement responds, how to interact with law enforcement, and how for further develop a personal response plan in the event of an active shooter incident 

Additional Active Shooter References 

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