Grand Valley Police Department

Individual Awareness

A priority of the GVSU Police Department is to provide a safe and secure environment in which to work, live and learn.

With safety as our focus we strive to educate everyone within our community to take responsibility for their personal safety. We believe our campus can only be as safe and prepared as the community allows us to be, as a result we encourage everyone to be alert, aware and responsible for themselves and others.

Our law enforcement officers are trained to work in a multi-disciplinary environment.  We respond to emergencies, manage difficult situations, refer individuals to the appropriate resources, and provide excellent customer service for non-emergency police response. 

The right attitudes and actions can protect you, others and the campus as a whole, by reducing risk and opportunity for unfortunate events to occur. Remember not all emergency situations are the same. Do not hesitate to contact our agency for assistance.

Grand Valley State University is an affirmative action, equal opportunity institution. It encourages diversity and provides equal opportunity in education, employment, all of its programs, and the use of its facilities. It is committed to protecting the constitutional and statutory civil rights of persons connected with the university. 

Page last modified February 5, 2015