Faculty and Staff Web Accounts

All GVSU faculty and staff may request a personal web page.

Account information:

  • Requests for web space may be sent to helpdesk@gvsu.edu.
    • An account and password will be sent back to you upon creation of the web space
  • The web addresses of your personal site will be:
    • http://faculty.gvsu.edu/username
    • http://staff.gvsu.edu/username
      Example: http://faculty.gvsu.edu/jonesb
  • Web pages may not be used for commercial purposes 

Getting Started

  • Your web account is a UNIX account and the file names are case sensitive. It is recommended that you do NOT use spaces in your file names.
  • Your homepage must be named either index.htm or index.html (all lower case).
  • You will need a file transfer protocol or FTP program to copy files to your personal web page. This allows you to make changes to the files directly on your computer, and then, using the FTP program, copy the files back to the web server. If you are a WIN 7 user, you can access your web page using either Windows Explorer or Core FTP LE. Click here for instructions.
    • The FTP host name for both Faculty and Staff pages is: www4.gvsu.edu
  • The www4.gvsu.edu server is blocked from access using the GVSU wireless network or an off-campus internet connection. If you wish to work on your web page and transfer files with an FTP client using the wireless network or an off-campus computer, you must log-in to the VPN client at https://vpn.gvsu.edu/. Once you are logged into the VPN, you can create a secure connection to the University network and the server by using the Network Connect option. Click here for more information.
  • For information on how to change your web account password use our quick, password reset guide.

Web software

There are a number of website building applications available that provide an easy way to build, design and organize your website without having to use complicated computer code. A couple of options include:


A free, open source Web Authoring System that is designed to be easy-to-use, making it ideal for non-technical computer users who want to create an attractive, professional-looking web site without needing to know HTML or web coding. Go to http://net2.com/nvu/


A professional web development tool that has a robust collection of tools yet is still easy for a beginning web developer to use due to its intuitive interface. You may purchase this at the Bookstore or online.

NOTE: If you are using Dreamweaver, configure it to log into your userid; there's no need to specify a directory path because you will be placed immediately into your directory.

Page last modified March 7, 2014