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Room Information - DeVos Center

There are several spaces in which you may plan to hold your next meeting or event. We will help you find the space to meet your needs. Our wide variety of meeting areas appeal to a wide range of events, offering comfortable, functional, and equipped rooms designed with the guest in mind.

All events held in the DeVos Center must be academically related,
or have a business related/community focus.
Our staff will assist you in determining the best location for your event.

DeVos Specialty Spaces

Room Name



Room Fee (per four hours)


Regency Dining-DC 102E (internal use only) Executive Dining  80


 Wireless Network Connection
Gordon Gallery-DC 103E (internal use only) Executive Dining  varies


 Wireless Network Connection

Hager-Lubbers Exhibition Hall- DC 105E Conference Room  varies


 Wireless Network Connection
Loosemore Auditorium-DC 122E Conference Room  232


 Wireless Network Connection
Amway Board Room-DC 502C (internal use only) Executive Conference Room  20


 5-Active Network Connections, CD  player, Audio Cassette Player, Plasma TV, Projection Screen, Wireless Mic

DeVos Meeting Spaces

Room Name



Room Fee  (per four hours)


University Club-DC 107C Reception Area  40  $300.00 Wireless network connection, CD Player, TV, Speaker
Berkowitz Room- DC 297C
*internal use only
Conference Room  10  $90.00

2-Active Network Connections, Whiteboard

Deloitte & Touche- DC 302C
*internal use only
Conference Room  12  $90.00 1-Active Network Connection, Whiteboard, Overhead Projector, TV/VCR
Founders Conference Room- DC 303C
*internal use only
Conference Room  20  $90.00 2-Active Network Connections, Whiteboard, Overhead Projector,  LCD Projector
Grand Bank Room-DC 488C
*internal use only
Conference Room  10  $90.00 2-Active Network Connections, Whiteboard
DeVries Conference Room-DC 499C
*internal use only
Conference Room  12  $90.00 2-Active Network Connections, Whiteboard

DeVos Instructional Spaces

Instructional space is space whose primary purpose is for academic classes.  Instructional Spaces at DeVos include Case Rooms, Classrooms, Computer Labs, and Lecture Halls.
Instructional space cannot be confirmed until after drop/add for the semester.  Please note that no classrooms or computer labs are available during exam weeks.

Please contact the registrars office at 331-3327 if the room is needed for the primary purpose of teaching.

If the room is needed for meeting purposes other than classes, please contact Conference and Event Planning Services at 331-6624 or e-mail

Use of Lobby Space

Registered student organizations may reserve a promotions table in the DeVos Center Plaza to promote memberships, events, or conduct fundraising activities and must abide by the following conditions:

  • Groups must first submit a GVSU Fundraising Application to the Office of Student Life, 110 Kirkhof Center, Allendale, at least five days prior to the event.  This application requires signatures of the organizations president and advisor. 
    Applications can also be obtained in 101B DeVos Center-Pew Campus
  • The promotions table can be reserved during the approval process to hold the date; however, permission for use will not be granted until an approved fundraising application is received by Pew Student Services.  To secure space, please call Pew Student Services at 331-7220.
  • If the activity involves selling food or beverage, the student organization must also have obtained an approved food waiver from ARA Campus Dining Services, in advance.  Food waivers are typically limited to the sale of home-baked goods.
  • At least one representative from the sponsoring student organization shall be in attendance during the activity.

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