Summer Scholars Showcase set

Summer Scholars Showcase set

Musicians who play the oboe like to tout that they’ve learned two crafts: playing the woodwind instrument and l... more


Welcome to the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (OURS)

Participating in undergraduate research and scholarship will expand your academic experience at GVSU. Research is a process of careful inquiry leading to the discovery of new information. Although there are some differences in how research is conducted across disciplines, research is not restricted to certain disciplines and occurs in all programs at GVSU.

OURS offers a variety of opportunities and resources for undergraduates to pursue research and scholarship in various disciplines under the direction of a faculty mentor.  These intensive research and scholarship opportunities enrich students’ academic experiences and challenge them to strengthen their critical, analytical, and writing skills.

Some of the hallmark programs of OURS are:

  • Academic Conference Fund, a grant program established to provide travel funds for GVSU student to present/perform at an academic conference.

  • Academic and Professional Enrichment Fund, a grant program established to provide travel funds for GVSU undergraduate students to accompany an eligible faculty member to an academic conference.

  • Student Summer Scholars, an opportunity for mentored, student-driven research and reflection on diverse and intersecting disciplines.

  • Student Scholars Day, a year-end discussion and celebration of the academic and creative accomplishments of GVSU students.

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