Grand Valley State University Women's Center

Cell Phone Donation Program

The GVSU Women's Center hopes to promote both advocacy and environmental stewardship through the Cell Phone Donation program.  With the help of faculty, staff, and students we can make a difference in women's lives while positively impacting the environment.

The Women's Center collaborates with Shelter Alliance, a program of GRC Wireless Recycling, the largest recycling program in North America.  Shelter Alliance has established a socially responsible, zero landfill environmental policy.   Their environmental policies are consistent with those outlined by the EPA's guidelines for Material Management and the Base Action Network.

          Did you know?

Approximately 60% of recycled cell phones have resale value as refurbished cell phones.  Through their rescue program, Shelter Alliance distributes cell phones to wireless markets worldwide in need of affordable communication.  The reuse of used electronics is applauded by many environmentalists as an essential step in the electronics recycling process.

Approximately 40% of recycled cell phones do not have resale value, and are processed through Shelter Alliance's environmentally responsible "Refining" program.  Through the Refining program, phones are shredded and smelted at copper refiner, and various metals are "reclaimed" back to their natural state.  This process, often referred to as "above ground mining", is applauded by many environmentalists as essential step in the replenishment of our natural resources.

The Women's Center forwards all donated cell phones to Shelter Alliance, and in return monies are donated to local non-profits that serve women and their families that have experienced domestic violence.

To recycle your cell phones, please drop them off at the Kirkhof Center "drop box sites" located near the recycling bins on the first or second floors. Also, mail or drop phones off in the Women's Center.


                                  All proceeds benefit the YWCA & the Center for Women in Transition.

                     Support our commitment to the environment and women by donating your cell phone!

Page last modified June 27, 2013