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Women's Center Staff  
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Jo Ann Wassenaar
Associate Director

Jo Ann Wassenaar is the associate director of the Grand Valley State University Women’s Center. She received both her B.S. and her Master’s in Public Administration from Grand Valley State University. Jo Ann has worked for the Women’s Center for the past 14 years and currently directs the Ready to Run: Michigan Campaign Training for Women, a program that encourages and trains women to run for political office. Additionally, Jo Ann coordinates the Women’s Community Collaborative, a nationally recognized program offered at GVSU, which provides students with a feminist leadership class coupled with an internship in non-profit agencies that provide services to women and girls.

Picture of Brittany Dernberger

Brittany Dernberger
Assistant Director

Brittany is the assistant director of the Women’s Center and the director of the Women’s Leadership House. She is in charge of coordinating the Women’s Center’s service learning initiatives including Activate, and partnering with the Women and Gender Studies Department for the South Africa study abroad trip. Brittany is also the director of the Student Food Pantry and oversees communication and outreach in the Women’s Center. She also has begun teaching Introduction to Women and Gender Studies. Her favorite thing about her job is seeing students get involved and grow to become great feminist leaders.

Darrhonda Scott Jones Photo

Darrhonda Scott-Jones
Office Coordinator

Darrhonda received her B.S. in Business Administration from Ferris State University and has worked in the Women's Center since 2004. In her role as the office coordinator, she oversees all the daily functions of the Women's Center and supervises the student staff. She also serves as the assistant to the director of the Women's Center and works closely with the Assistant Director on the Student Food Pantry. One of the things that Darrhonda loves most about her job is working with such an amazing staff and experiencing the compassion that they have for the work they all do for the students.

Graduate Assistants  

Aubrey Dull
VAWA Grant Graduate Assistant

Aubrey graduated from GVSU with a degree in Integrated Science and Elementary Education and is now pursuing her Master’s in Social Work.  She works as the Violence Against Women Act Graduate Assistant, focusing on violence prevention, education, advocacy, and awareness.  Her favorite thing about working at the Women’s Center, other than her coworkers, is that she is able to engage her skills and passions in the work that she does.   Some fun facts about Aubrey are that she is a lover of all things nerdy, she has donated over three feet of her hair to Children with Hair loss, and curling up with a cup of Earl Grey tea and good book is her idea of a perfect day.

Cheyenne Marlin
CSAL Graduate Assistant

Cheyenne is a graduate assistant at the Women’s Center. She graduated from Northern Michigan University with a B.A. in International Studies. Cheyenne loves working with the students and staff and seeing the passion and wisdom that comes from them every day in the Women’s Center. When she isn’t working or going to school, she spends all of her time with her dog, Sam. Together they enjoy getting to know Grand Rapids by visiting the parks and going for walks around the city getting to know new people in West Michigan.

Student Staff  

Jasmine Broadnax

Jasmine is majoring in Women and Gender Studies and minoring in Sociology. She has been working in the Women’s Center for two years and is also a Women’s Center Ambassador. Jasmine is involved in Act On Racism and YBBW at Grand Valley. She is very passionate about helping people and after college would like to work with victims of domestic violence as well as at-risk youth in big cities. In her free time Jasmine loves reading fiction, writing poetry, going to Open Mic Night or watching shows on netflix (Criminal Minds or Law & Order SVU in particular.)

Kanyn Doan

Kanyn is a junior majoring in Women and Gender Studies. She is a member of the Women’s Center Ambassadors on campus. Kanyn has lived all over the world throughout her life and if she could only eat one thing forever it would be peanut butter.

Kortney Ondayko

Kortney is a sophomore and an honors college student, double majoring in Women and Gender Studies and International Relations and minoring in Nonprofit Administration. She aspires to be a human rights lawyer someday. Kortney likes being involved on campus. She has written for the Lanthorn and is a member of Phi Mu Fraternity. She also loves her roommate’s Keurig.

Mercedes Robinson

Mercedes is a senior, majoring in Liberal Studies (emphasis in Social Change), and is expecting to graduate in December 2014! She is passionate about equality and is involved in the campus organizations Niara and Act on Racism. Mercedes loves tacos, art, beaches, and mountains.

Samara Woolfolk

Samara is a senior majoring in Liberal Studies. She is involved in many campus organizations including NAACP, ReAct, Sabrosísimo (GVSU Latin Dance crew) and the Grand Valley theater program. Samara has been learning guitar for almost a year and absolutely loves it! She envies artists who can draw and paint, and she also asserts that all the people working in the Women’s Center have changed her life indefinitely.

Rebecca Noell

Rebecca is a junior, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Women and Gender Studies. She is involved in many campus organizations and has acted as a Transitions leader, WIVC (now Activate) volunteer, and a GVSU student ambassador, just to name a few. Rebecca loves elephants and is bilingual in English and Italian.

Eerin Jones

Eerin is a senior majoring in Marketing and Management. She is involved with the campus organization Minorities Interested in Business. Eerin has studied abroad in France and loves to eat mini marshmallows.

Elizabeth Holsclaw

Elizabeth is a junior majoring in Biopsychology. She is involved in Campus Ministry, Community Council, and Relay for Life on campus. She loves to sing and dance and has spent her last two summers working at SpringHill Camps.

Asia Thomas

Asia is a senior majoring in Allied Health Sciences. She will be graduating in April of 2015 and loves to laugh.


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