African/African American Studies Minor


Students seeking a minor in African and African American studies are required to complete 21 to 22 credit hours. Students will be required to choose between two tracks: track I (African) and track II (African American).

All minors will be required to complete two core courses (6 credits)

Track I: Africa

Students choosing the Africa track will be required to

1. Successfully complete

Note: students who enter the university competent in French or Arabic at the 202 level or higher will take one extra elective course for a total of 21 credits.

2. Complete four elective courses (12 credits) from the following list:

Track II: African American

Students choosing the African American track will be required to

1. Successfully complete


A permit is required to register for a Practicum or Internship.  Students may not participate in for-credit internships in the following states:Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Washington, and West Virginia.

Students must also register the Practicum/Internship in the GVSU Internship Management System database after you have been offered and accepted the internship.  For detailed instructions, please visit the Career Center IMS Faculty Instructions.  Please contact the AAA Coordinator or the Area Studies Office with questions.

Additional Information

  • No more than 3 credit hours of AAA 399 - Independent Readings OR AAA 499 - Independent Study and Research may count toward the minor.
  • New African or African American related courses in each of the two tracks may count toward the minor as they become available. Please consult the program director concerning the eligibility of any particular course. Students should be particularly alert to the presence of courses offered through the vehicle of special topics courses (AAA 380 and 390).
  • Transfer credits from approved study abroad programs and from other U.S. colleges and universities may be counted toward the minor upon verification by the program director. However, of the 21-22 credits required, a minimum of six credits must be taken in residence at GVSU.

African/African American Studies Program Description