Ch. 2 Office of the President

A. Appointment and Duties

The conditions of appointment, duties, and authority of the president may be found in Article VI of the Bylaws of the Board of Trustees.

B. Organization

In implementing the executive role, the president will develop an administrative organization consistent with the following principles.

1. Functions, tasks, and/or activities, whether continuing or nonrecurring, will be delegated to responsible individuals or groups as circumstances may dictate.

2. Authority commensurate with the responsibility will be delegated to ensure accomplishment of work objectives, including contract authority consistent with Board policy.

3. Lines of authority will be established to ensure accountability, although ultimate responsibility remains with the president.

4. The resulting organization will be continuously evaluated in terms of overall effectiveness, efficiency, and performance relative to reasonable objectives.

A chart of the current organizational structure with executive officer assignments shall be maintained by the President's Office.

C. Assignments in the President's Office The president reserves the right to line authority over certain university matters. The numbers of these matters are not fixed and may vary over time depending upon institutional needs. The president's office will have staff directly responsible for one or more of these matters.

D. Legal Services

1. This office is responsible for proactively supporting the university's mission through development of sound legal practices, provision of legal advice and assistance, and assurance that all legal affairs of the university are properly handled through effective risk management.

2. The president or his/her designee will contract for any legal services that may be necessary in the conduct of the affairs of the university, which includes the president's authority to institute such legal proceedings as may be necessary for the proper conservation of assets or the protection of interests of the university. Insofar as it is feasible, the coordination of these services will be in one administrative office to ensure maximum efficiency.

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