Academic Advising

Undecided - When should I meet with my advisor?

 You should meet with your advisor at least once a semester and whenever:

  • You want assistance planning courses prior to registration
  • You want to know how adding or dropping courses, taking a course credit/no credit, or auditing will affect your standing, financial aid, insurance or other issues
  • You do not know where to find help
  • You want to consider options for majors and/or minors, you are thinking about changing directions, or just want to talk to someone to clarify your thoughts about how well a particular major may fit you
  • You want to discuss any problems which affect academic performance, including academic progress and personal strengths and weaknesses
  • You are concerned about your study skills or having difficulties in your coursework
  • You are on academic probation or in jeopardy of dismissal
  • You want to discuss career choices or graduate programs
  • You need interpretation of university policies and procedures
  • You want to develop an education plan that includes courses, support, and engagement opportunities

If you are exploring a major, minor, or a particular career interest but have not yet declared a major, you are also encouraged to talk to an advisor,  the department chair or a faculty member in the department which offers that major/minor. In fact, talk to several people about these decisions. The more information you gather, the better your decisions will be.

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Page last modified February 7, 2011