Allies & Advocates

Welcome to Grand Valley State University's Allies & Advocates Program

This website has been created to provide our resource manual to all Allies & Advocates members in a more accessible and up-to-date format. The information in the manual provides the basis for the Allies & Advocates training sessions. We encourage each of you to take time to thoroughly look at our site and familiarize yourself with the information. This website is designed to help you in accurately responding to the needs of students who seek information and your support. While the website may serve as an excellent starting point, it represents only a small amount of essential information available on gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issues.

Current Allies & Advocates Coordinators:

Leijhi Koval - Social events, event planning, info tables
Monica Johnstone - membership list
MJ Thiel - Lead Faculty/Staff A&A Trainer, Licensed Psychologist, Counseling & Career Development Center
Mary Sharp - A&A trainer, Counseling & Career Development Center
Rhonda LeMieux - Greek A&A training
Gary VanHarn - A&A trainer, Assistant to the Director of Padnos International Center

With us always in spirit is our recently departed inspiring friend Milt Ford - A&A trainer, Liberal Studies professor and Founding Director of the LGBT Resource Center.

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Page last modified November 9, 2015