Allies & Advocates


Allies & Advocates Mission Statement

Allies & Advocates exist to offer support and resources in a safe environment for members of the GVSU community concerned with issues of sexual orientation.

Purpose of Allies & Advocates

Allies & Advocates' goal is to develop and maintain a network of informed faculty and staff who are willing to be visibly supportive of students who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT), and who will work to foster a campus climate in which all students, regardless of sexual orientation or identity, may feel safe, supported, respected, and affirmed.

Allies & Advocates provides training and support services to LGBT-affirmative faculty and staff members who will, in turn, provide support and provide resources for LGBT students at GVSU. "Neutrality" is not enough for the optimal growth of our students as it leads to invisibility. "Tolerance" carries with it an implicit disapproval, a premise that something tolerated is less than perfect. Instead, a positive and affirming environment is necessary for students to develop healthy self-esteems and to maximize their learning experience at Grand Valley State University.

Page last modified October 17, 2014