Anthropology Department

Dear Students: A Welcome from the Chair

August 23, 2013

Dear new and returning students,

Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year! Our faculty and staff are excited about working with you and including you in our classes, research activities, events and other anthropological happenings.

This was a great summer for all of us, especially on the research front. Here are a few highlights. Dr. Christian Vannier did research in Ghana and Togo. Dr. Liz Arnold went back to Israel to continue her exciting archaeological project there and is working toward bringing students with her in the field within the next couple of years. Dr. Heather Van Wormer conducted research with students close to home, doing a summer ethnographic field school studying the local organization, West Michigan Therapy Dogs,
while Dr. Gwyn Madden brought students to London for some osteology research. Hmmm.... Seems we could have gotten the dogs and bones together, but it's probably best we didn't!

We're starting the '13-'14 year with some personnel changes. Dr. Azizur Molla was offered a position in the College of Health Professions, and will be teaching in their brand-new Masters of Public Health program. It's a great fit for his work, and we plan to stay in close contact should interdisciplinary opportunities present themselves.

Dr. Molla's departure allowed us to bring in Dr. Tara Hefferan as a Visiting Professor. Dr. Hefferan conducts work in Haiti and in Michigan, and focuses on development, reproductive health, NGOs, church groups, and education. She'll be teaching courses on applied anthropology and culture and disease for us, among others.

We encourage you to stop by the Anthropology Lab (249 LMH) and say hello to another new member of our department, our new Lab Supervisor and alumnus, Wesley Jackson. 

Dr. Cindy Hull retired at the end of the 2012-2013 school year, but is now an Emerita Professor of Anthropology, our very first!

The end of winter semester 2014 will see the departure of two of your favorite professors, Dr. Judi Corr and Dr. Dale Borders, both of whom will be retiring. Anthropology won't be the same without them.

Fortunately our brilliant adjuncts are returning this year - Pamela Galbraith, Angela Reed, Erica Begun, and Christy Mello. You'll find them in 1165 ASH, although probably not all at the same time.

Take advantage of the camaraderie and networking opportunities of the GVSU Anthropology Club! You can find them on Facebook, unsurprisingly, at GVSU Anthropology Club. Jarred Trombley remains their president (and his cabinet features Jacquelyn Heuer, Alison Wilcoxson, Sarah Corrello and Meagan Roche), but Michael Wroblewski is their new faculty advisor.

In 1138 ASH you'll find the amazing Cindy Zehner, Anthropology COT extraordinaire, who has been converted from part-time with us to full-time. And we'll really need her! You may be aware of the construction going on in and around AuSable Hall, but you might not know that the whole department is due to move to Lake Michigan Hall during summer 2014!

There are lots of changes afoot! Be sure to stop by our offices and find out what's up. We always love to see you.

Dr. Deana Weibel
Chair, Anthropology Department


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