AP Committee Minutes February 18, 2013

AP Committee

Minutes - February 18, 2013

KC 2201, Allendale Campus

Present: Michelle McCloud (Chair), Ed Simon, Jamie Schlagel, Jennifer Schick, Jim Seufert, Michelle DeWitt, Mike Kluczyk, Nicholas Nelson, Valerie Jones, Scott Richardson (ex-officio), Kim Walton

Absent: Jackie Rautio, Quincy Williams

  • Approval of Minutes from 1/28/13 - Approved
  • Event Updates
    • AP Open Forum (May 8th) – How to increase participation? Bring ideas for marketing the next open forum to next AP Committee meeting. Survey group members about why they are not attending-send questions to Valerie.


  • AP Luncheon (April 25th) – Invitations coming.
  • Subcommittee Updates
    • Salary and Benefits - Minutes are available on-line.
    • Professional Development – Minutes are available on-line.
    • Awards – Nominations are open now.
  • Questions/Concerns from AP Staff Members - None
  • Other Business
    • Michelle M. to draft a mid-year communication for each group rep to send out. Save the dates. Nominations. Link to question box.


  • Discussion of reaching out to adjunct AP staff with one-year appointments with invitation to luncheon and add them to our groups.


  • Speaker Presentation: James Moyer, Assistant VP for Facilities Planning
    • Facilities Planning is responsible for (among other things): new construction, campus master planning, parking planning, major renovations, furniture purchases, renewal of finishes, capital maintenance, utilities planning, signage, moving (600 this summer), real estate/leases.


  • They also review condition of existing buildings and recommend new projects, provide support necessary for accreditation, and monitor local community for cross-impacts.


  • Current projects:
    • New library – available to public in summer term
    • Seidman College of Business – completion this spring/summer
    • AWRI field station & Detroit Center renovation – completion in May


  • Upcoming projects starting this summer:
    • New science labs and classroom – complete Summer 2015
    • Addition to Ausable – complete Summer 2014
    • Zumberge addition – complete Summer 2014
    • Laker Marketplace –complete Summer 2015
    • 160 other small projects this summer.


  • No current plans to expand north of M45; acquisitions in the southern part of campus and somewhat downtown to give future leaders of University room for 50 years of growth.


  • Next Meeting: Monday, March 18th, DEV 302E (Guest: Linda Yuhas)

Minutes Submitted: Jennifer Schick

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