Profesional Development Committee Meeting March 11, 2014

AP Professional Development Committee

March 11th, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Time: 8:30a

Location: 297C DEV


Luke DeMott (group 3)

Kate VanderKolk (group 6)

Maggie McCrystal (Human Resources)

Amy Campbell (group 1)

Not present:

Brad Gordon (group5)

Takeelia Garrett-Lynn (group 2)

Sienna Mavima (AP committee rep)

Audra Courtade (group 4)

Agenda Items:

Review of past seminars

Getting to Know your GVSU Better

The program was well reviewed. Individuals were inquiring to have a power point used for distribution to be able to reference the presentation.

Mindful Leadership will be cancelled because of the Teach-In. Beth from HR will send out a notice via email.

Communication Effectiveness for Leadership, April 2nd is still scheduled. This will be the last scheduled event

Kate asked about if individuals could request for a guest to attend awards ceremonies. Maggie replied probably not because then others might ask for guest passes also. Something to pass onto the general committee.

Kate introduced a speaker from Holland, Marietta Ford(?) that is affiliated with Dale Carnegie, as a possible presenter for next year. Maggie stated Fran Pryor, is someone they are currently working with (In the Workplace?)

Maggie stated the programs being considered for Fall 14

Getting to Know GVSU

Managing Office Gossip

Something on Interviewing

Communication Skills for Women

Working with International Students

Mindful Leadership

Effective Supervision

Amy asked how these are selected

Maggie replied based on assessments and survey feedback as well as trends seen by Sue Sloop.

Amy will not be present for Feb 8th meeting

Kate asked if a May meeting will be necessary.

Forum Scheduled for May 7th

Highly encouraged to attend! Please bring a co-worker

AP luncheon scheduled for April 17th

Amy asked about a common place where these dates are accessible for AP staff. There isnt currently. Luke mentioned work being done on for Syncing calendars on current sites. Maggie suggested to bring it up with the main committee or Jim.

Next meeting

Date: April 8th, 2014,

Time: 8:30a

Location 2243 Kirkhof Center, Allendale

Minutes by Amy Campbell