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Art Galleries

The department offers several on-campus galleries for exhibitions by students, faculty, and professionals.

The Stuart B. and Barbara H. Padnos Student Art and Design Gallery

This gallery is a unique venue on the GVSU campus. Its primary function is to offer students the opportunity to organize and execute exhibitions of their work. In the recent past, students have sponsored juried themed exhibitions of work, used the space for BFA thesis shows and showcased projects from individual classes.

Padnos ShowPadnos Show

Winter 2014 BFA Exhibitions in the Padnos Student Gallery

•Mon, Apr 7-Thurs, Apr 10 BFA Exhibit: Emily Krutsch-illustration, Rory Miller-Prints, Jacqui Kyle-Illustration

Reception: Thursday, Apr 10 from 5-7pm

•Mon, Apr 15-Thurs, Apr 17 BFA Exhibit: Grace Carpenter -illustration, Cecilia Maczka-illustration, Kristina Alling-illustration

Reception: Thursday, Apr 17 from 5-7pm

Contracts and Forms for Exhibitors in The Padnos Student Gallery

PSG food waiver

PSG contract

PSG main floor plan

PSG mezzanine floor plan

The Grand Valley State University Art Gallery

The gallery sponsors several exhibitions each year that showcase work of contemporary artists active in the United States and internationally. In addition, it is the venue for several BFA thesis shows every semester. The gallery staff also oversees GVSU’s extensive art collection which includes over 5000 works. It features a wide range of media by nationally and internationally recognized artists, faculty, alumni, and many of Michigan’s finest visual artists. These are on view in buildings throughout the Allendale, Grand Rapids, Holland, Muskegon, and Traverse City campuses.

Winter 2014 BFA Exhibition- Performing Arts Center Gallery

•Mon, Apr 7 – Thurs, Apr 10

Sara Weimer-Sculpture, Richelle Nuney-Sculpture, Parker Nugent–Illustration, Emily Hahn-Illustration, Makayla Monroe-Illustration

Reception: Thursday, Apr 10 from 5-7pm


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