START Building Your Future Project

The goal of the START BYF project is to help individuals with ASD achieve meaningful employment and connections with the community so that they can be fully integrated citizens.  The BYF project is about creating a framework for how individuals with ASD can gain access to employment in their community and for training professionals across the state to implement that framework within the schools and adult service systems.

BYF Materials and Information

V3 Discovery Process

  1. V3 Discovery Process Checklist
  2. V3 Discovery Release of Information
  3. V3 Discovery Records Review
  4. V3 Discovery Interview & Survey Tools
  5. ICIE Observation Guide & Documentation Form
  6. V3 Discovery Home Visit & Neighborhood Tour Documentation
  7. V3 Discovery Summary - Vision, Vocational Profile, Visual Resume
  8. Employer Needs Analysis

Resources for Community Conversations


Resource Mapping


"Building the Bridge with Businesses – Schools and Community" A power point that has been developed for schools to train members of the community as they talk with businesses about employment for adolescents and young adults with autism spectrum disorders.  This presentation, created for the Clawson community, can be used as a framework to create a presentation to educate your own community.


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