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Ensemble Auditions

Information for Ensemble Auditions (Band, Orchestra, Choral, Jazz)

We are excited that you are interested in making music with us at GVSU! All currently enrolled GVSU students are eligible to audition. You do not have to be a music major. To learn more about upcoming auditions for music ensembles, including the bands, orchestras, choral, and jazz ensembles, please read below!

All Wind, Brass and Percussion - concert bands and orchestra
Please visit gvsu.edu/bands to learn more about the concert wind and percussion ensembles available at GVSU.

Complete audition information and excerpts for Fall Term will be available July 1. 
Wind, Brass and Percussion music majors and minors enrolled in applied music lessons are required to participate in Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Orchestra or Concert Band. You will play a single audition and will be placed in an ensemble based on the audition committee's decisions. Music majors and non-majors who are not enrolled in applied music lessons may elect to only audition for one ensemble, but will not be guaranteed placement in that ensemble.
Non-music majors and non-music minors who are only interested in auditioning for the Concert Band, please CLICK HERE for your music and information.
Auditions are by appointment only (schedule below) and require the preparation of a specific set of musical pieces which will be available below.
If you have questions about GVSU bands or the audition process, please contact Dr. Kevin Tutt at tuttk@gvsu.edu.
Audition Times for Wind, Brass and Percussion
To be assigned an audition time, please contact Joann Szyniszewski in the Music and Dance Office, 616-331-3484, szyniszj@gvsu.edu. You must sign up by 5:00 PM, Wednesday, August 20. Audition times are only available through the Music and Dance office. You may sign up after July 1.
SCHEDULE and AUDITION EXCERPTS (click on instrument name to get excerpts)
FRIDAY, AUGUST 22 - Percussion Studio (PAC 1501)
4:00-6:00 percussion
SATURDAY, AUGUST 23 - SVS Recital Hall (PAC 1325)
9:00-10:45  flute/piccolo
10:45-12:15 saxophone 
1:15-3:45 clarinet
4:00-6:00 euphonium & tuba
7:00-9:00 trombone -  tenor and bass
SUNDAY, AUGUST 24 - SVS Recital Hall (PAC 1325)
12:30-3:30 trumpet
3:45-5:00 oboe and bassoon
6:00 horn
Regular class and rehearsal schedule begins.
Should you have difficulty downloading audition excerpts, please contact the Band Staff Office at 616-331-3396 or gvsubands@gvsu.edu.


Choral Ensembles
Please visit the GVSU Choral Ensembles website at www.gvsu.edu/choralensembles for detailed information about our ensembles. Contact Prof. Ellen Pool, Director of Choral Activities, at poole@gvsu.edu to arrange an audition.

Orchestra Strings
Please visit www.gvsu.edu/orchestra for more information or contact Prof. Henry Duitman, Director of Orchestral Activities at duitmanh@gvsu.edu. Audition excerpts will be available for download no later than August 1 from http://www.gvsu.edu/orchestra/symphony-orchestra-audition-7.htm  

Jazz Band
Please contact Professor Tim Froncek (froncekt@gvsu.edu).

Laker Marching Band
Audition information at www.gvsu.edu/marchingband/.



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