Battle of the Valleys

What is BOTV?

Battle of the Valleys

What is Battle of the Valleys?

Battle of the Valleys (BOTV) has become a long-standing tradition at Grand Valley State University. It works to create a connection between students, alumni, local businesses, and the surrounding community through a friendly competition between our school and our rival, Saginaw Valley State University. The competition helps to develop a sense of pride and gets our students to unite behind a great cause. Each university picks their own local charity to raise money for the week prior to the football game between GVSU and SVSU; this year BOTV runs from November 10th to 16th. Battle of the Valleys started in 2003 and SVSU has reigned as champion for some time now, but we are hoping to finally break that streak this year!

For a list of this year's events, click here!

Four Easy Ways to Donate to Battle of the Valleys:

  • Find an on-campus contribution spot, or at the Student Senate office.
  • Attend and contribute at any Battle of the Valleys event.
  • Buy a BOTV T-shirt!
  • Donate online
  • Rally your RSO to hold a fundraiser!

Additional Information about Battle of the Valleys:

For additional information about BOTV, please feel free to contact Student Senate or Laker Traditions!


This Year's Charity: S.P.O.R.T.S.

We are dedicated to providing opportunity and recreation to kids around the world through student to student relationships unique to our operations. Athletics has been intertwined in our everyday life, which has provided us with the ability to lead an organization like S.P.O.R.T.S. The sports we have participated in have taught us values that have been an intricate part of our development into adulthood. Participation in sports provides kid with important opportunities to grow physically, mentally and socially. If it were not for our participation in organized sports throughout our lives, many aspects of S.P.O.R.T.S. would not be possible. We have been equipped with the skills we need from our participation in organized athletics and strive to reach out and provide that opportunity to all children; our dream is to provide unique atmospheres rich with student to student mentorships provide all kids with the opportunity to learn and grow with sports as we have.

The concrete idea of this organization is to bring sports to children. However, through our various athletic ventures our goal is for kids to take home positive underlying values such as self confidence, motivation and acceptance that will ultimately better shape who they are as they move through adulthood. The leadership abilities that have been instilled in our founders will help guide children to discovering what their values mean to them so they may grow into prospering young adults. To make this organization as successful as possible, we will rely on our vision. Our dream is to reach all children, who may otherwise not have the chance to experience what it is like to participate in competitive sports.

To do this, we will use students, both high school and college, to better connect with our kid participants. Being a student-led organization allows us to create the closest relationships between our mentors and participants. This dynamic creates the most comfortable environment for kids by utilizing a child’s natural admiration for older students. Finally, but certainly not least, we hope to provide a healthy atmosphere to instill competition, supply the opportunity to develop virtuous behavior, and offer the skills to diligently accomplish goals. Through these three visions we dream to discover the values of each individual student and grow from there. A person’s values can be different in many ways, and there is never one specific way to describe attributes like virtue or diligence. However, we hope to assist in the child’s quest to find their own meaning through the world of S.P.O.R.T.S.

To learn more, visit their website here.

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