Data Analytics at GVSU

GVSU's second Big Data Conference will be held on Friday, April 25, 2014, in the Kirkhof Center.  A poster and networking session is at 8:30AM, followed by presentations beginning at 9:00AM.  To register for the conference please click on the following link.  Registration is free. 

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As of April 16, here is the tentative schedule for the conference:

8:30-9:00              Poster and Networking Session

9:00-9:45              Keynote Address:  Barbara O'Brien, MSU College of Law, “Finding Data: The Politics and Magic of Accessing Capital Punishment Data”

9:50-12:15           Presentations (in two tracks):

Mary E Winn (Van Andel Institute):  Bioinformatics and big data in biological science

Laura Ring Kapitula:  Graphing Big Data Using the SAS© System

Shaily Menon:  Biodiversity Informatics – Big Data for Biodiversity Conservation and Ecological Forecasting

Szymon Machajewski:  Open Source Analytics – Blackboard Learn

Andy Van Solkema (Visualhero company):  Visual Thinking

Mario Adkins:  Tutorial on NVivo 10

David Zeitler:  High Performance Statistical Computing

Jerry Scripps:  Data Mining the Liberal Arts

Paul Stephenson:   A Statistical Analysis on the Likelihood of Independent Occurrences of Serious Residential Fires

Edward Aboufadel:  Creating “Baseball Motion Graphs”

Robert Deaner:  The Tortoise and the Hare: Men are More Likely than Women to Slow in the Marathon

Paul M. Leidig: New Curriculum Development in Data Science Programs

12:25-1:10           Lunchtime Keynote Address:  Jonathan R. White, GVSU Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies, “Big Data, Big Intelligence, Big Security: The Challenge of Protecting Rights”

1:15                        Breakout discussions of data visualization, Big Data in unexpected disciplines



Please e-mail Ed Aboufadel ( if you have any questions.

“Big Data” refers to the sharp increase of the size, arrival rate and complexity of data that is being generated and collected by business, government, non-profits and other organizations.  In the coming years it will affect many people across most disciplines.  The rapid increase in data will also bring a variety of challenges including data storage, data management, and data preservation and the ethical implications of this new wave in society. “Data Science” or “Data Analytics” is the name of the academic area that studies “Big Data.”

The purpose of the conference is to bring together faculty and staff interested in data analysis and visualization – research, teaching, curriculum, administration, etc.  The conference will include talks and other presentations by GVSU faculty/staff, industry representatives, and faculty from other schools. 

The steering committee for the conference is Ed Aboufadel, Paul Leidig, Shaily Menon, Carlos Rodriquez, Jerry Scripps, and Greg Wolffe.  The “Big Data” Committee is chaired by Maria Cimitile.

The 2nd GVSU “Big Data” Conference is sponsored by GVSU’s Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence and GVSU’s Faculty Teaching & Learning Center.



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