Alexey Nikitin

Alexey Nikitin, Ph.D.

Human Genetics; Archeogenetics; Population Genetics; Life History Evolution; Molecular Evolution

Office: 253 Padnos
Phone: (616) 331-2505

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Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH, USA, PhD in Biological Sciences, 1997.

Kiev State University, Kiev, Ukraine, MS in Biology (Honors), 1992.

Courses taught at GVSU:

BIO 105 Environmental Science
BIO 120 General Biology
BIO 328 Biomedical Ethics
BIO 355 Human Genetics
BIO 411 Genetics of Development and Cancer
BIO 580 Life History Evolution
BIO 580 Population Genetics
CMB 250 Biotechnology

Research Interests:

My primary research interest is genetic mechanisms that govern the adaptation of animal populations, including humans, to their environment, and the ways to trace and quantify that adaptation. My specific area of interest is Human Ecology, the study of reciprocal relationships between human beings and their environment and how this relationship led to changes in both the environment and in the human population, from an evolutionary and a social standpoint.

Our research team has recently completed a study involving the analysis of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) polymorphisms of isolated human populations of the Carpathian Mountain region of Eastern Europe. The goal of this project was to establish whether those populations differ in the frequency of polymorphic patterns of mtDNA (mtDNA haplogroups) from those of populations from other parts of Europe and to examine various reasons for why and how any such difference may have come about.

Our current research project is devoted to the genetic analysis of the remains of pre-historic occupants of the Carpathian footsteps. The focus of our study is a Neolithic farming culture called Trypillia-Cucuteni, which existed on the territory of modern Ukraine, Moldova and Romania, in the VI-III millennium Before Present (BP). We have been working with a team of Ukrainian archeologists on the analysis of human artifacts from a ritual site of the Trypillian culture, to understand the origins of Trypillians and their genetic contribution to the genetic pool of modern European inhabitants. We have recently published two papers detailing our finds in a special collection of manuscripts devoted to ancient Ukrainian history.

Another team of students in my lab has been working on a mtDNA haplotyping project involving Michigan brown trout (Salmo trutta). The goal of the project is to identify mitochondrial genetic lineages of brown trout in Michigan waters and to relate them to specific trout strains from Michigan trout hatcheries. Another goal of this project is to analyze the haplotype-specific survival success of various genetic lineages of brown trout in Michigan lakes and streams to help improve brown trout fisheries management in the state of Michigan.

Recent Publications: 

1) Varzari A, Kharkov V, Nikitin AG, Raicu F, Simonova K, Stephan W, Weiss E, Stepanov V. (2013) Paleo-Balkan and Slavic contributions to the genetic pool of Moldavians: Insights from the Y chromosome. PLoS ONE 8(1): e53731. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0053731. 
2) Nikitin AG, Newton JR, Potekhina ID. (2012) Mitochondrial haplogroup C in ancient mitochondrial DNA from Ukraine extends the presence of East Eurasian genetic lineages in Neolithic Central and Eastern Europe. Journal of Human Genetics doi:10.1038/jhg.2012.69.
3) Gibson AM, Morgan RM, MacDonald N, Nikitin AG. (2012) Possible effects of the presence of common household chemicals in the environment:  The growth of an aquatic bacterial species on high concentrations of caffeine. Journal of Biotech Research 4: 72-79.  
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5) Lillie M, Potekhina I, Budd C, Nikitin AG. (2012) Prehistoric populations of Ukraine: Migration at the later Mesolithic to Neolithic transition. In: J. Burger, E. Kaiser und W. Schier (Eds.), Population dynamics in Pre- and Early History. New Approaches by using Stable Isotopes and Genetics“. Berlin, pp. 79-94.
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8) Nikitin AG, Sokhatsky MP, Kovaliukh MM, Videiko MY. (2010) Comprehensive site chronology and ancient mitochondrial DNA analysis from Verteba Cave -a Trypillian culture site of Eneolithic Ukraine. Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica 1(1-2): 9–18.
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Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution
European Association of Archaeologists
The Genetics Society of America
The American Fisheries Society


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