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Animal Biology

The Animal Biology Emphasis is designed for students interested in pursuing a career or graduate study in organismal zoology. Students find employment with organizations such as the DNR, zoos, animal rehabilitation centers, and laboratories. The emphasis is also appropriate for pre-veterinary students. Students will gain expertise in animal biodiversity, ecology, evolution, anatomy, and physiology. Additional electives may address animal development, behavior, management, or systematics.

Grand Valley's location is ideal for the study of animal biology. Diverse field and forest ecosystems may be found on the extensive GVSU campus and many of the courses offered in the Animal Biology emphasis have extensive field-based labs that take advantage of nearby habitats. The unique lakeside and dune environments adjoining Lake Michigan are only a short drive away. The extensive wetlands of the Grand River, which flows adjacent to the campus, provide other fascinating places for biological studies. To support the Animal Biology emphasis, the Biology Department is developing extensive collections of study skins, skeletons, preserved specimens, and slides. There are laboratories for studies in physiology, anatomy, and microscopy.

Students should plan to complete the following courses in addition to meeting the core and other requirements for the Biology major:

BIO 222 (3 cr.) Natural History of Vertebrates
BIO 232 (3 cr.) Natural History of Invertebrates
BIO 302 (4 cr.) Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
BIO 432 (4 cr.) Comparative Animal Physiology

Courses that may be of interest as electives for the Animal Biology Emphasis:

BIO 342 (3 cr.) Ornithology
BIO 352 (3 cr.) Animal Behavior
BIO 362 (4 cr.) Fisheries Biology
BIO 372 (3 cr.) Aquatic Insects
BIO 422 (3 cr.) Embryology
BIO 442 (3 cr.) Fish Ecology
BIO 572 (3 cr.) Field Zoology (with permission)
BMS 208 (3 cr.) Human Anatomy
BMS 309 (1 cr.) Laboratory in Human Anatomy
BMS 290 (3 cr.) Human Physiology
BMS 291 (1 cr.) Laboratory in Human Physiology

Faculty with interests in Animal Biology:

Stephen Burton - Amphibian biology, herpetology, conservation biology
James Dunn - Entomology.
Jodee Hunt - Zoology; vertebrate behavior and ecology
Joseph Jacquot - Zoology; mammalogy
Paul Keenlance - Wildlife Management
Michael Lombardo - Zoology; avian biology and evolution
Mark Luttenton - Aquatic biology
Shaily Menon - Conservation biology; GIS
Terry Trier - Zoology; physiology; ecology

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