Biology Minor


The Biology Minor consists of 24 credits in Biology (excluding BIO 104, 105, 107, 109, 205, and any other Biology course whose course description prevents it from being used in the minor), plus the cognate CHM 109 Introductory Chemistry or CHM 115 Principles of Chemistry 1.


Core Courses:
BIO 120 (4 cr.)   General Biology 1
          BIO 121 (4 cr.)   General Biology 2
          Plus 16 credits selected from BIO courses numbered
BIO 215 and above


Students may count up to 8 credits from the following BMS courses toward the required 24 credits in Biology:

  • BMS 202 or both BMS 208 and 309
  • BMS 212 and 213
  • BMS 250
  • BMS 251
  • BMS 290 and 291   

Cognate Courses:

  • CHM 109 (4 cr.) Introductory Chemistry or
  • CHM 115 (5 cr.) Principles of Chemistry 1


Students selecting the biology minor for teacher certification are strongly advised to consult either the CLAS Academic Advising Center or the Biology Department for guidance on which BIO courses to complete to satisfy the State Standards for Teaching Biology and to prepare for the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) in Biology.  To assure both breadth and depth in the teaching minor, in addition to completing BIO 120 (General Biology I) and BIO 121 (General Biology II), students should complete BIO 215 (General Ecology), BIO 325 (Human Sexuality), either BIO 355 (Human Genetics) or BIO 375 (Genetics), one course in evolutionary biology (BIO 311 Biological Basis of Society, BIO 329 Evolution of Social Behavior, BIO 349 The Darwinian Revolution, or BIO 452 Human Evolution) and BMS 202 (Anatomy and Physiology).  Students seeking Biology Secondary Teacher Certification must achieve a 2.7 GPA in the Biology Minor for admission to the College of Education.






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