Departmental Seminars

Biology Department Seminar Series

Monday, February 6th
PAD 308, 12:00 pm
Dr. David E. Guggenheim
The Ocean Foundation

Thursday, March 1st
PAD 308, 12:00 pm
Dr. Tim Dickson 
MSU Kellog Biological Station
The Effects of Habitat Conditions & Spatial Ecology in Controlling Plant Biodiversity

Thursday, March 22nd
PAD 308, 12:00 pm
Dr. Peter Bednekoff
Eastern Michigan University
Sentinel Behavior in Theory & Florida Scrub-Jays

Monday, April 2nd 
PAD 308, 12:00 pm
Dr. David Clark
Alma College
Courtship, Communication & Evidence for Eavesdropping in the Brush-legged Wolf Spider, Schizocosa ocreata

Thursday, April 19th
PAD 308, 12:00 pm
Dr. Michael Kuehn
University of California, Santa Barbara
Persistence vs. Decline of Host Defenses Against Brood Parasitism by Brown-Headed Cowbirds Under Relaxed Selection



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