Natural Resources Program Internship Course Descriptions

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Natural Resources Program Internship Course Descriptions
Undergraduate Internship:  All undergraduate internships require at least 4 hours of on-the-job activity per credit hour per week for at least 14 weeks.
NRM 490 Internship in Resource Management:  Internships are available in all areas of specialization. Location of placement and credit must be arranged with the appropriate faculty before registration (no more than five credits in 490 and 499 can be applied to the NRM major; three to the NRM minor). Offered each semester. Prerequisite: Junior or senior status in resource management. One to five credits. 
Graduate Internship: Completion of six to nine credits of internship, project, or thesis work is required for all students in the Biology M.S. degree program. NRM 691 provides the opportunity for students pursuing the Natural Resources emphasis within the Biology M.S. degree program to complete a graduate internship. The total credits approved for the internship will be determined by the student’s graduate committee chair based on factors such as the total hours of work per week, the level of preparation and professional skill required, and the level of responsibility assumed by the student. NRM 691 emphasizes development of practical, on-the-job skills and experience in natural resources or environmental science through an internship with an industry, consulting firm, unit of government, government agency, or non-profit organization. Graduate internships are demanding of the student’s skills and abilities and require an advanced degree of preparation, initiative, and responsibility to complete successfully. All graduate internships require at least 6 hours of on-the-job activity per credit hour per week for at least 14 weeks.
NRM 691 Graduate Internship: Half- to full-time, on-the-job work performed at a sponsoring entity under the supervision of an approved mentor in an area related to natural resources or environmental science. A written internship analysis and a public oral presentation are required. The student will defend the internship analysis in front of the student’s graduate committee. Offered each semester. Prerequisites: BIO 610 and successful completion of qualifying exams. Three to nine credits. 
NRM 691 Syllabus of Record

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