Physical Therapy Program

Programs of Study
Pre-Physical Therapy Emphasis

Students interested in earning the MS degree in Physical Therapy may major in Biology for their preprofessional education. Students typically apply for admission to GVSU's Physical Therapy program in their junior year and begin professional course work in their fourth year. Competition for admission into physical therapy programs such as that at GVSU is very competitive. At least a 3.0 undergraduate grade point average must be maintained and students must contribute many hours to clinical observation or related activities. Check with GVSU's Physical Therapy Department for more information regarding the physical therapy profession or program requirements.

Pre-physical therapy students should choose the following courses in addition to meeting the core and other requirements for the Biology major:

BIO 328 (3 cr.) Biomedical Ethics

BMS 208 (3 cr.) Human Anatomy
BMS 309 (1 cr.) Human Anatomy Laboratory
BMS 290 (3 cr.) Human Physiology
BMS 291 (1 cr.) Human Physiology Laboratory

CHM 231 (5 cr.) Organic Chemistry I
CHM 232 (5 cr.) Organic Chemistry II
PHY 220 (5 cr.) General Physics I
PHY 221 (5 cr.) General Physics II

BIO 355 may substitute for BIO 375 only if taken before declaring the Biology major.

Pre-professional course requirements:

PSY 101 (3 cr.)
PSY 364 (3 cr.)
PSY 368 ((3 cr.)
MTH 122 (3 cr.)
MTH 123 (3 cr.)
STA 215 (3 cr.)
SOC 280 (3 cr.)

Other pre-professional requirements for admission to GVSU's Physical Therapy program:

Maintain a minimum 3.0 average GPA in preprofessional courses and in the last 60 hours earned.

Participate in a minimum of 50 hours of clinical observation in physical therapy.

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