Cynthia Thompson

Cynthia Thompson
Assistant Professor Biomedical Sciences Department 231 Padnos Hall Allendale, Michigan 49401 Phone: 616-331-2818
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Post-doctoral fellow, Northeast Ohio Medical University, Anatomy & Neurobiology Ph.D. - Kent State University, Biological Anthropology M.A. Kent State University, Anthropology B.S. University of California, Davis, Evolutionary Anthropology COURSES TAUGHT
BMS 208 - Human Anatomy BMS 461 - Prosected Regional Anatomy RESEARCH INTERESTS
My research aims to understand the social, ecological, and physiological factors driving primate behavior. I integrate observational field-based methods, controlled captive experiments, and laboratory approaches to holistically investigate both the proximate and evolutionary explanations for primate behavior. I am currently pursuing several projects relating to this research theme. Firstly, I am interested in how the spatial and temporal distribution of food influences the competitive regimes in which primates live. To test these questions I am currently working with wild marmoset monkeys in Brazil which exploit both renewable and depletable food resources. I am also interested in this species' use of olfaction to communicate information about food resources. A second branch of my research investigates how primates use behavior and physiology to respond to their thermal environment. This research is being conducted on wild howling monkeys in Costa Rica. I have also done extensive work into the social behavior of white-faced saki monkeys. This species displays variation in social system, with some groups being pair living and monogamous, while others have multiple adults and practice polygamy. I am broadly interested in the ecological, demographic, and physiological factors that drive this variation in social system. PUBLICATIONS
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