Research in the BMS department - by discipline

Nutrition and public health (Lown, Nochera)

Nutrition and aging (Nizielski)

Infectious disease epidemiology, viruses and informatics (Graham, Hecht, Thomas)

Parasitology (Graham)

Viral, Fungal, and bacterial physiology (Baxter, Hecht, Nieuwkoop, Thomas)

Developmental biology (M. Burg, Kurjiaka, Ramsson, Taylor)

Cancer biology (Sridhar)

Intracellular signaling (Baxter, D. Burg, M. Burg, Capodilupo, Kipp, Kurjiaka, Nieukoop, Nizielski, Ramsson, Sridhar, Sylvester, Taylor)

Physiological biochemistry (Kipp, Ramsson)

Immunology (D. Burg)

Neurobiology (M. Burg, Capodilupo, Ramsson, Taylor)

Neurophysiology and pharmacology (Bergman, Linn)

Neurophysiology and behavior (Bergman)

Muscle physiology (Kurjiaka, Sylvester)

Ancient human anatomy (Kegley, Tallman)

Medicine in religious texts (Kopperl)

Functional anatomy and bone biology (Kegley, Reed, Tallman)