Research in the BMS Department - by discipline

  • Nutrition and public health (Lown, Nochera)
  • Nutrition and aging (Nizielski)
  • Infectious disease epidemiology, viruses and informatics (Graham, Hecht, Thomas)
  • Parasitology (Graham)
  • Viral, Fungal, and bacterial physiology (Baxter, Hecht, Nieuwkoop, Thomas)
  • Developmental biology (M. Burg, Kurjiaka, Ramsson, Taylor)
  • Cancer biology (Sridhar)
  • Intracellular signaling (Baxter, D. Burg, M. Burg, Capodilupo, Kipp, Kurjiaka, Nieukoop, Nizielski, Ramsson, Sridhar, Sylvester, Taylor)
  • Physiological biochemistry (Kipp, Ramsson)
  • Immunology (D. Burg)
  • Neurobiology (M. Burg, Capodilupo, Ramsson, Taylor)
  • Neurophysiology and pharmacology (Bergman, Linn)
  • Neurophysiology and behavior (Bergman)
  • Muscle physiology (Kurjiaka, Sylvester)
  • Ancient human anatomy (Kegley, Tallman)
  • Medicine in religious texts (Kopperl)
  • Functional anatomy and bone biology (Kegley, Reed, Tallman)

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