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OnBase is our electronic document management system used for submitting check requests, transfer requests, approving and processing invoices and for the electronic storage of documents associated with all of these functions.


OnBase Basics

 Note: If you are having difficulty accessing the OnBase system, you may need to change your ActiveX settings in Internet Explorer.   Click here for details.

OnBase access and training is provided by the Business & Finance Office.  In addition to workshops and training events scheduled for the campus community, individual training is also available upon request for new employees and individuals with new job responsibilities requiring the use of OnBase.

OnBase can only be accessed using an Internet Explorer browser.  Access is available from both on and off campus using the links below:


Instructions for changing your OnBase password

OnBase User’s Guides and Training Resources

Contact Directory:  This document is a listing of individuals you contact with onBase questions

Department Crosswalk:  This fully searchable .pdf file is a listing of all Departments, Organization Codes and User Names for OnBase.  This document can be used to determine which onBase users have access to documents for each Department and Organization Code.  It will also be helpful when you need to identify Department Names, Organization Codes, User ID’s when your transfer request involves an area other than your own.

Accounts Payable User’s Guide:  Information includes submitting invoices for processing, applying FOAP’s, routing and approving invoices for payment, retrieving documents from past transactions.            

Check Request User’s Guide:   Instructions for submitting a request for checks (typically under $5,000) when a purchase order is not required and you are unable to use a University P-Card to make the payment. 

Check Request Training Videos
     “Without Supporting Documentation
     “With Supporting Documentation

Transfer Request User’s Guide:   Information includes step-by-step instructions for submitting fund transfer requests (journal entries, IDC’s, budget transfers). 

Transfer Request Tips & Tricks        
March 2013 - Basic Tips & Tricks
    May 2014 -  Additional Tips & Tricks  
    Fiscal Year 15 Year End Transfer Processing Schedule

OnBase New E-Forms Workshop Handout  (2/27/2013)



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