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As a Seidman College of Business graduate student you have many opportunities to plan your curriculum, take advantage of campus life, and build your future.

Campus Life

Grand Valley State University has an exciting campus life. Take advantage of events offered by Seidman, get involved with student life, and enjoy the city of Grand Rapids.


As a graduate student at the Seidman College of Business, you can take advantage of our Study Abroad program. In addition, Seidman sends select students to the Washington Campus Program each summer.

Get Involved

Join student organizations and meet other business students and community business leaders. Join the Graduate Student Advisory Board and serve as a liaison between students and faculty. Attend Seidman events and build relationships that will enhance your career.  Join our Seidman Graduate Programs facebook page for up-to-date information.

Students are also invited and encouraged to attend the Seidman Alumni Breakfast Series presentations.

Build Your Career

Take advantage of graduate assistantships, scholarships, and job opportunities with local businesses. The Grand Rapids business community is a thriving center of entrepreneurship and innovation. Start building relationships with leaders in the community now.

Student Code of Honor


The principles of truth and honesty are recognized as fundamental to a community of teachers and scholars.  As such, the Seidman College of Business expects both faculty and students to honor these principles and, in so doing, to forge a lifelong commitment to ethical behavior. View the complete Student Code of Honor.

To report a violation of the Student Code of Honor, click here.


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