Koeze Business Ethics Initiative

From Jeff Padnos, KBEI Fellow and President, Padnos Iron & Metal, Inc, an innovative, progressive, and successful sustainability company headquartered in Holland, MI: 

I think this piece by David Brooks is profoundly significant  (http://nyti.ms/Y12YkG),  and I think it bodes well for exactly what you do as director of the Initiative.  Or at least what you do with us as you work with our managers (full disclosure - Prof. DeWilde has worked as a consultant to the Padnos organization).  I hope you get a chance to do this (what Brooks references) in your classrooms as well.  I think business students would be well served by this type of experience, if they do not already get it.  I do not know the status of the discussion about whether "ethics" is a separate course in philosophy vs business, but my inclination, as you know, is to minimize that split." 

The Moral Instinct by Steven Pinker
When Jeff Koeze took over his father’s company, he knew almost nothing about it or any other business. But he knew how to learn, and 12 years later, he runs one of the smartest companies around.
Almost a year after A.I.G.’s collapse, despite a tidal wave of outrage, there still has been no clear explanation of what toppled the insurance giant. The author decides to ask the people involved—the silent, shell-shocked traders of the A.I.G. Financial Products unit—and finds that the story may have a villain, whose reign of terror over 400 employees brought the company, the U.S. economy, and the global financial system to their knees.
Transcript of a talk delivered by Michael DeWilde, Director, Business Ethics Center, Grand Valley State University at ESC Rennes School of Business, Rennes, France on January 8, 2010.
The Business of the Humanities by Michael DeWilde

The liberal arts, and the humanities in particular, seem to be a hidden passion for any number of CEO’s, executives, Wall Street investors, and lawyers.

Taking Charge of the Green Revolution

Fred Keller sheds some light on what he thinks is a tremendous opportunity in spite of the dire straights we are all facing today.

Ten Things You Can Do to Stimulate the New Economy from The Nation

Can Selfishness Save the Environment? by Matt Ridley and Bobbi S. Low Behavioral economics and evolutionary biology save the world.

A (very) Concise Guide to Eight Moral Theories by Michael DeWilde

The Christian Paradox: How a Faithful Nation Gets Jesus Wrong  by Bill McKibben

The Padnos Family Begins to Handoff Leadership (NY Times)

Why We Must Ration Health Care by Peter Singer

Utilitarian philosopher Peter Singer argues that a dollar value can be placed on a human life.

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