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The BEC Director

Michael DeWildeMichael DeWilde is the Business Ethics Center Director and an associate professor of philosophy. He teaches the MBA Business Ethics courses, Theories of Human Nature, Eastern Philosophy, and the Working Classics seminar, which received the 2002 national award for “Excellence in Philosophy Programs” from the American Philosophical Association. He is the recipient of a major grant from the Kellogg Foundation and a winner of a Pew “Teaching Excellence” award. His latest publication is a book chapter in the forthcoming book Philosophy Imprisoned from Lexington Press.  His most recent talk  -" Have You Considered the Possibility that You're an Idiot?"  - is online at http://hauensteincenter.org/michael-dewilde2/ 

He has been a featured speaker at Northwestern University's Brady Center for Ethics and Civic Life, at universities in India and France, and was invited to give a talk on new developments in moral psychology and ethics at the AACSB Sustainability Conference in Charlotte, NC. He has a chapter on the importance of introspection for developing leaders in the book Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship and the Common Good, published by Pelgrave Press.

He was, for one year, a Research Affiliate professor with the ESC Rennes School of Business in Rennes, France, and for many years has consulted with West Michigan businesses as an executive coach. His work has been featured in the New York Times and Inc. Magazine, among other places. He holds degrees from Harvard University and Grand Valley State University.



Roberta (Robbi) Osipoff is the Special Projects Assistant for the Seidman College of Business and assistant to the Business Ethics Center and Student Professional Development Program.  Additionally, she is an advisor to the Seidman Student Leadership Development Program (SLED).  Robbi earned degrees from Aquinas College and from GVSU.  She joined GVSU in 2000 and has served as the executive assistant to the Vice President for University Development, project coordinator for Grand Valley’s 50th Anniversary Celebration and was a member of the Administrative/Professional Outstanding Team Project Award for 2011.   


2011-2012  BEC Fellow     -    Christina Keller

Christina Keller’s education and work experience have been focused on sustainable business issues throughout the world.

Currently, Christina is leading the Triple Quest Business Unit at Cascade Engineering, a joint project between CE and the Windquest group. This sustainable business is focused on providing high quality products to the base majority in developing countries, the first product being the HydrAid® BioSand Water Filter which provides safe drinking water for people in remote areas of developing countries. The group recently signed a letter of intent with the Honduran Government to do 40,000 filters over the next 5 years and has also done projects with USAID, Rotary International and the US Navy. She has responsibility for the entire business unit.

Christina earned her undergraduate degree from Boston College in international development, minor in environmental studies. She also obtained a certificate in international economics from American University. For graduate school, she attended the Johnson School of Management at Cornell University where she studied Sustainable Global Enterprise with Stu Hart, earning her MBA.


 2008-2009 BEC FellowJeffrey Koeze

Jeffrey Koeze was the 2008-2009 BEC Fellow as well as owner and Managing Director of the Koeze Co., a West Michigan-based fancy foods company that is over 90 years-old. He holds a J.D. from the University of Virginia Law School and was previously on the faculty at the University of North Carolina. He and his company have been featured in many newspapers and magazines, and a profile of Mr. Koeze appeared in the December 2008 issue of Inc. Magazine.


The Founder

Barry Castro was, until his death in 2005, Professor of Management at Seidman and the founder of the Business Ethics Center. His love of good philosophical conversation and his belief in its power to help people from all walks of life think more clearly and act more resolutely, is the guiding force behind the Center.

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