GVSU Course Catalog

The Accelerated Full-Time Integrated MBA (FIMBA) curriculum provides new college graduates with jump start to their careers. The program integrates the business disciplines to deliver business theory and practical knowledge and skills. Students must work with our staff to find and complete a paid 11-month business fellowship (internship) that will provide them hands-on business experience. Students with undergraduate business degrees are not required to complete any additional background coursework. Interested students with majors outside a business school or college are invited to contact our office to discuss required background courses
The FIMBA program consists of 42 credits of 600-level coursework. Access to special ERP software enhances technology skills and integrates the curriculum. Students complete the following courses as a cohort.  
Summer Semester:
· MBA 601 Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions - credits 2
· MBA 602 Essential Business Technologies – credits 1
· MBA 603 Basics of Integrated Business Processes – credits 3
Fall semester:
· MBA 615 Integrated Business Processes with ERP Systems – 15 credits
Winter semester:
· MBA 620 Global Strategy – 9 credits
· MBA 634 Sustainability Principles & Practices – 1.5 credits
· MBA 642 Corporate Strategy for Business Cycles – 3 credits
· MBA 677 Business Ethical Problems & Perspectives – 1.5 credits
Spring/Summer Semester:
· MBA 678 – Leadership and Ethics – 3 credits
· MBA 690 – Business Fellowship – 3 credits
During the fall semester, all students attend the Washington Campus program in Washington, D.C. for 3 to 5 days where they study the business-government relationship and the political and economic environments. Winter semester courses are enhanced by study abroad, where all students spend two weeks immersed in the global marketplace. Travel and other accommodations are made by the Seidman College and included in the cost of the program.

Business Fellowship (Internship)

Integral to the FIMBA program is the business fellowship (internship), which provides students real-world experience. Student fellows are compensated by the employer, which helps to defray the costs of their studies. The Seidman College of Business Graduate Programs and Career Services provide fellowship opportunities for FIMBA candidates. Preliminarily admitted candidates are screened by fellow organizations for selection. Each FIMBA student must secure a fellowship prior to full admission to the program.  


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