Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistants work with Seidman College faculty and staff. Qualified candidates are selected on the basis of aptitude, interest, and background.

Seidman College offers several assistantships for full-time students. These assistantships cover full-time tuition for fall and winter semesters, and a stipend of $4,000 per semester. Note that FIMBA students are not eligible for assistantships.

Seidman College also offers several assistantships for MSA and MST students who are enrolled for at least six credits. These students serve primarily as tutors for undergraduate accounting students. They receive tuition for six credits and a stipend of $2,000 per semester.

For more information please contact:

Claudia Bajema, Director
Seidman Graduate Business Programs Phone: (616) 331-7400 Email:

Page last modified January 15, 2014