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Operations Related Course Descriptions

MGT 361 - Management Science
Application of the scientific, mathematical, and quantitative methods to managerial decision-making under conditions of certainty, risk, and uncertainty. Specific topics include, linear programming, transportation, assignment, project management, queuing theory, decision analysis, and simulation.
Offered every semester.

MGT 362 - Computers in Operations Management
Familiarizes students with the modeling, methodologies, and software used in developing operations management systems.
Offered once yearly.

MGT 367 - Manufacturing and Planning and Control
Basics course in manufacturing planning and control. Topics include capacity planning, forecasting, production activity control, master productions scheduling, production planning, independent demand inventory management, material requirements planning, and Just In Time.
Offered fall semester.

MGT 363 - Managing Quality
Provides students with an overview of total quality management. Emphasis on philosophy, tools, and the integrated systems for the continuous improvement of process and product quality.
Offered once yearly.

MGT 364 - Service Operations Management
An overview of the planning, controls, and designs of operations in the service industry. Emphasis on the application of economic principles, decision tools, and models to solve problems encountered in the service environment.
Offered once yearly.

MGT 365 - Strategic Management of Operations
Designed to enhance comprehension of the operations management function at the strategic level to gain experience in identifying and analyzing strategic problem situations and to develop recommendations for action.
Offered once yearly.

MGT 337 - Supply Chain Management
Examines the organization of a purchasing department, its objectives, functions, and personnel. Purchasing specifications, standards, bidding, ordering, and sources are among the topics covered. Discussion and analysis of the duties and responsibilities of the materials handling manager in a typical manufacturing firm. Specifically, the handling of materials in the manufacturing process is discussed, including coordination between manufacturing departments and plants within a firm.

MGT 466 - International Management and Multinational Corporations
A study of the managerial challenges of conducting business in a global economy. Emphasis on cultural differences and their impact on the situations and issues managers confront when working internationally. Requires senior status or approval of instructor. Part of the Global Change theme.  Fulfills World Perspectives requirement.

MGT 467 - Advanced Topics in Operations Management
This course provides a framework for effectively managing processes and employees in manufacturing organizations. Emphasis is given to the processes involved in initiating and implementing changes in management policies, products, and technologies. Course format includes a mixture of lectures, readings, case analysis, and real-world exercises.
Offered once yearly.

MKT 457 - Logistics and Transportation
Studies the role of transportation in the global supply chain and distribution channel, and the interaction of transportation with other supply chain logistics activities such as inventory control. Topics include logistics system design, transportation policy and infrastructure, each mode of freight transportation, and the management of transportation.
Offered every other semester.

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