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Intern / Full Time Job Search Tips

  1. Go to the Logistics Program web page at and make sure you are familiar with all buttons/resources on our web page re national and local professional associations, trade organizations, trade magazines, companies that hire logistics students, scholarships, etc.

  2. Make sure you have emailed Dr. Taylor a .doc file of your resume. Ideally name it in following format "TaylorIntern032207.doc" or substitute Fulltime. Initially a resume showing an internship objective, and then as you get about 7 months out from graduation, one showing a full time position objective. See the web page for a sample. Resume should be one page, show a simple objective, Marketing Major with Distribution and Logistics Emphasis and any second major, GPA overall (and in Seidman if higher than overall), expected graduation date, work experience, and special skills (like SAP training, certifications, testing, etc). References available upon request. Make sure you have a revision date on the bottom right so I know which is latest version. Make sure there is a good phone number/answering machine and email address that you check regularly.

  3. Make sure to spend some time on the Logistics Program web page. We show three categories of companies with links to their Career Services/On-Line Application pages in many cases. First we show "GVSU Logistics Employers" with information on specific companies that have hired our students for internships and full time positions, and information on student names, position type and date they were placed. Secondly we show "GVSU Seidman Employers" that are logistics related. These have not yet hired our logistics students as of last update (although not updated often so may have been more recent hires) but are good candidate companies.  Third, we show "General Logistics Employers" that hire a lot of logistics students but do not yet have a close relationship with Seidman in general or our Logistics Program in particular. These companies should also be pursued.

  4. Go to Logistics web page and go to Professional Associations like Transportation Club of Detroit, and Detroit Intermodal Association, and print membership directory and send cover letters / resume to interesting members.

  5. Go to our web page and "On-Line Recruiter" button and register/send resumes to the 5-6 separate logistics related on-line recruiters and general recruiters. Again, most of these are for people with experience, but apply anyway for ones requiring 1-3 years as you never know what might happen. They also might count par time experience. These also can provide good contacts for mailings re internships.

  6. Get a copy of our resume book mailing list from Dr. Taylor's office and send your own cover letter /resume to companies you are interested in. Make sure to get Dr. Taylor your correct internship or full time resume, fully updated, in time for resume book mailing. Pay attention to email requests on this.

  7. Attend Grand Rapids Chapter SCM/Logistics Professional Association meetings to network and get your name out.

  8. Consider starting one of the SCM related certification programs shown on the web page. Even if you just take the first exam, or begin it, you can put this on your resume and help make it stand out.

  9. Become a CSCMP student member for $25. Applications on my door.

  10. Go to CSCMP Members Only Membership Directory and print off addresses for senior executives at a company (ies) you are interested in and send cover letter / resume.

  11. Go to CSCMP Members section and download Executive Recruiter guide. Find ones that are $35,000 + and mail resume to them. Even though they do not focus on "entry level" they may know of companies that need entry level and add your resume to a set and place a note with it.

  12. Go to CSCMP Member's Career Connections and upload your profile / resume. Both internship and full time.

  13. Go to GSCMP Members Career Connections and check the list of all jobs and apply on-line. Even if it's for positions requiring experience (most of these) apply anyway. They may consider part time / internship jobs to be prior experience, or consider you for an entry level position not posted.

  14. Obtain a copy of CSCMP summer internship company list from 2005. Dr. Taylor has this print out in his office. Send a cover letter and resume to executives / companies on this list. Addresses are there. CSCMP switched to an on-line system in 2006 so don't have new ones.

  15. Register and put resume on-line on GVSU "Career Connections" web page and monitor for interview opportunities, company open houses, job fairs, etc. This should be closely monitored. Not a lot of logistics positions through this but definitely some internships and full time and we have placed a number of students through them.

  16. Go to all GVSU job fairs.

  17. Go on general job boards like and register / put resume up. We have had students land great jobs from Monster.

  18. Check newspapers like Grand Rapids Press, GR Business Journal, etc. for stories on new companies, companies expanding, new VIP of Logistics or SCM or Distribution. Get company phone number and get address and send that person a letter saying you saw the article on them, are a student graduating from GVSU, looking for full time position or internship, etc.

  19. Read national trade magazines / Grand Rapids Business section and find articles about mergers, new businesses, new Vice President Logistics (in backs of magazines) and call the company to get their address and title and send resume / cover letter saying you saw the article as your introduction paragraph.

  20. Dr. Taylor sends out a lot of emails about internship/fulltime opportunities. Make sure you are paying attention to your GVSU registered email address. Follow up on these emails as suggested.

  21. Make sure you pay attention to phone answering machine and email on your resume. Dr. Taylor often sends out resumes to companies that inquire about students. They often contact you directly and you need to be able to respond quickly.

  22. Make sure you have a logistics related internship, full time or part time, preferably paid, at least once before you graduate.

Page last modified March 10, 2010