Seidman Alumni Association Lecture Series

March 27, 2013

Speaker: Sir Ken Robinson
Topic: The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

January 25, 2013

Speaker: Colliers International and Seidman College of Business
Topic: 2013 West Michigan Economic & Real Estate Forecast

January 11, 2013

West Michigan Health Care Economic Forecast


November 28, 2012

Speaker: Sandy Baruah, President & CEO of The Detroit Regional Chamber
Topic: "The Rate of Change: Is Michigan Reaching for Sixth or Stuck in Second?"

May 8, 2012

Speaker: Birgit Klohs

Topic: "Advancing West Michigan's Economy - A Long-term Strategy for Growth"

April 10, 2012

Business Ethics Dinner

January 18, 2012

Colliers International and Seidman College of Business

Topic: 2012 West Michigan Economic & Real Estate Forecast

September 14, 2011

Topic: Political Fallout: Impacts on Main Street and Wall Street

Panelists: Mitch Stapley, Erika King, Bob Roth, Sridhar Sundaram, and Paul Isely

May 10, 2011

Speaker: Mark Murray, President/CEO of Meijer Inc.

Topic: Transformational Business Development

January 19, 2011

Colliers International and Seidman College of Business
Topic: 2011 West Michigan Economic & Real Estate Forecast

January 6, 2011

Seidman College of Business and Alliance for Health and Health Professions
Topic: 2011 West Michigan Economic Health Care Economic Forecast

September 29, 2010

Speaker: Tim Selgo, Athletic Director, Grand Valley State University
Topic: Fundamentals for Successful Leadership

May 11, 2010

Speaker: Birgit Klohs, President of The Right Place, Inc.
Topic: Opportunities for West Michigan Business

April 6, 2010

Speaker: Financial Crisis & Proposed Regulatory Reform
Topic: Does it Address the Fundamental Problems?

January 15, 2010

Speaker: Grubb & Ellis / Paramount Commerce
Topic: Economic / Real Estate Forecast 2010

October 30, 2009

Speaker: Professor Bradley R. Schiller, University of Nevada, Reno

Topic: The Great Recession of 2008-09

September 23, 2009

Speaker: Thomas J. Haas, President, Grand Valley State University
Topic: GVSU…Minding Our Business for Your Business

May 12, 2009

Speaker: Birgit Klohs, President of The Right Place, Inc.
Topic: Positioning West Michigan in the Era of Globalization

April 7, 2009

Speaker: Stuart Diamond, The University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business
Topic: Is Incompetence Unethical?

February 11, 2009

Topic: Economic Recovery Roundtable Discussion
Panelists: Mitch Stapley, Tom Ranville, Paul Isley, Jim Gillette, Dan Giedeman, Jeanne Englehart, Gregg Dimkoff, and John Balbach

February 2, 2009

Speaker: Col. Clarke L. McGriff

Topic: Black History Month Kickoff - "Diversity in the Workplace".

January 16, 2009

Speaker: Grubb & Ellis / Paramount Commerce
Topic: Economic / Real Estate Forecast 2009

October 21, 2008

Speaker: Kevin Holloway, President of Animal Agriculture at Monsanto in St. Louis.
Topic: Monsanto: The Business of Feeding the World

October 9, 2008

Speaker: L. William (Bill) Seidman
Topic: Presidential Candidates:  Who's Going to Help Michigan More?

May 13, 2008

Speaker: Birgit Klohs, President of The Right Place, Inc.
Topic: West Michigan - Thriving In A Challenging Economy

February 25, 2008

Speaker: Dr. Barron Harvey, Dean, Howard University
Title: Why Celebrate Black History

November 7, 2007

Speaker: Joe Papa, CEO and President, Perrigo
Topic: Meeting the World’s Growing Need for Quality, Affordable Healthcare Products?

May 10, 2007

Speaker: Birgit Klohs, President, The Right Place, Inc.
Topic: The West Michigan Economy - Is There a Recipe for Success?

March 22, 2007

Speaker: H. James Williams, Dean, Seidman College of Business
Topic: Competing in a Changing World: Business Education Matters!

October 18, 2006

Speaker: L. William Seidman, Chairman, FDIC
Topic: What in the World Is Going On?

September 14, 2006

Speaker: Paul Doyle
Topic: Go Beyond Compliance: Treat Privacy as a Business Issue and Gain a Competitive Advantage

May 16, 2006

Speaker: Birgit Klohs, Right Place Program
Topic: West Michigan in the Global Economy

March 21, 2006

Speaker: Rick Breon, CEO Spectrum.
Topic: Destination Health Care

November 16, 2005

Speaker: Hank Meijer, Meijer, Inc.
Topic: Meijer in the New Normal

October 27, 2005

Speaker: Mark Murray, President, Grand Valley State University
Topic: Higher Educations - Key to Strong Communities and a Strong Economy

September 15, 2005

Speaker: Dave Van Andel, Van Andel Institute
Topic: VAI: The Present and Future Promise

March 22, 2005

Speaker: Dan Griswold, Director, Cato Institute's Center for Trade Policy Studies, Washington, D.C.
Topic: Outsourcing.

February 9, 2005

Speaker: Jeffrey W. Montie, Executive Vice President, Kellogg Company, and President Kellogg North America.
Topic: Winning in the Cereal Aisle.

February 25, 2005

Speaker: George Heartwell, Mayor, City of Grand Rapids.
Topic: Sustainability in a Diverse Community.

November 9, 2004

Speaker: Terri Lynn Land, Michigan Secretary of State
Topic: An Update on Secretary of State Initiatives.

October 19, 2004

Speaker: Fred Keller, Chairman/CEO of Cascade Engineering
Topic: Sustainable Business in West Michigan: A Vision Shared by the U.S. Department of Commerce Manufacturing Council.

October 12, 2004

Speaker: Phil Haan, Executive Vice President-International Sales & Information Services
Topic: Building a Global Route Network Through Alliances

September 16, 2004

Speakers: Mark Cowan, Partner, Patten Boggs - Washington, D.C.
Michael Driver, Partner, Patten Boggs - Denver
Colonel John Garrett, Defense/Security Advisor, Patten Boggs - Washington, D.C.
Topic: An Insider's View of the Federal Sales Process

March 16, 2004

Speaker: Ron Bee, Senior Analyst and Director of Development and Special Projects at the University of California Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation
Topic: Big Bombs and Big Questions, Weapons of Mass Destruction after 9/11

February 13, 2004

Speaker: Ian Broede, Vice President of Business Development with Nokia
Topic: NOKIA, Culture, Values and Philosophy, How a company stays in business more than 135 years

January 27, 2004

Speaker: Michael Faas, President and CEO of Metro Health
Topic: Field of Dreams...the everloving story of Metro Health Village

October 8, 2003

Speaker: Michael Freed, Executive Vice President of Corporate Resources and Chief Financial Officer of Spectrum Health
Topic: Defining Health Care Value

April 1, 2003

Speaker: John Kamm, Executive Director Dui Hua Foundation
Topic: Business and Human Rights in China: Opening Markets, Opening Minds

February 26, 2003

Speaker: Fred Keller, Chairman & CEO, Cascade Engineering
Topic: A Sustainable Business

January 15, 2003

Speaker: James Dunlap, President of Huntington Bank
Topic: Changing the Company Culture

October 17, 2002

Speaker: Doug DeVos, President of Alticor
Topic: Putting Your Values First

July 10, 2002

Speaker: Dr. Cheng Enfu, Dean, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Topic: Economic Development of China and Business Prospects

June 10, 2002

Speaker: Linda Fasulo, Journalist and UN Correspondent for NBC News and MSNBC
Topic: The Effects of September 11th on US Foreign Policy in the Mideast.

April 17, 2002

Speaker: Mitch Stapley, Vice President and Chief Fixed Income Officer, Fifth Third Bank
Topic: Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel?

January 10, 2002

Speaker: Steve Van Andel, Chairman, Alticor, Inc.
Topic: Free Enterprise Does Not Live in a Building.

October 25, 2001

Speaker: Ralph Acampora, Managing Director and Director of Technical Research, Prudential Securities, New York City
Topic: The Future of the U.S. Economy ("breakfast in the evening")

September 25, 2001

Speaker: Richard Cook, CEO, X-Rite Inc.
Topic: The Power of Light

April 11, 2001

Speaker: Dr. Cynthia Schneider, Ambassador of the United States to the Netherlands
Topic: Business Opportunities and Challenges in Life Science Industries

November 2, 2000

Speaker: James P. Hackett, President and Chief Executive Officer and Director, Steelcase, Inc.
Topic: Overestimating the Arrival, Underestimating the Impact

May 12, 2000

Speaker: Congressman Peter Hoekstra, Michigan's Second Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives
Topic: Re-establishing a "rational" federal government

January 25, 2000

Speaker: Michael Maibach, Vice President, Government Affairs, Intel Corporation
Topic: The Internet Revolution

October 13, 1999

Speaker: Frederik Meijer
Topic: Things I Believe

March 23, 1999

Speaker: Ayako Doi, Editor of Daily Japan Digest
Topic: Has the U.S. Lost a Valuable Regional Partner?

March 4, 1999

Speaker: Ralph Acampora, Managing Director and Director of Technical Research for Prudential in New York
Topic: Stock Market Behavior

February 5, 1999

Speaker: Derek Boothby, Retired Director of European Political Affairs for the United Nations
Topic: Global Change and Challenges

December 9, 1998

Speaker: Paul Hillegonds, President of the Detroit Renaissance
Topic: Economic Development in Detroit and the Role of Detroit Renaissance

November 11, 1998

Speaker: Mitch Stapley, Director of Fixed Income, Old Kent Bank
Topic: How to Take Advantage of Investment Opportunities Arising from the Crisis in Southeast Asia

March 17, 1998

Speaker: Ben Barber, Washington Times, State Department Correspondent
Topic: Why Did the Asian Miracle Go Bad?

February 17, 1998

Speaker: Sue Scharf, Director of Wellness Plus of Grand Rapids
Topic: Fueling a Passion for Health

January 12, 1998

Speaker: Nancy Skinner, President of Nancy Skinner & Associates
Topic: Communicating Change - Sharing Tips and Tools for Enhancing Your Credibility as a Leader

December 3, 1997

Speaker: Steve Van Andel, Chairman, Amway Corporation
Topic: Traditions

October 15, 1997

Speaker: Robert Virgil, General Partner of Edward Jones in St. Louis
Topic: Managerial Challenges in a Changing Economy

September 22, 1997

Speaker: Art Cornwell, Business Consultant
Topic: How to Redesign Your Business for Tomorrow's Markets

June 19, 1997

Speaker: Dr. Stefan Kwiatkowski, Professor with the Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management in Warsaw, Poland Dr. Bengt Johannisson, Professor from Sweden
Topic: Entrepreneurship

May 8, 1997

Speaker: Dean A. Peterson, Senior Commercial Office, Office of the U.S. Executive Director, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Topic: Eastern European Opportunities for Investment

April 8, 1997

Speaker: Gwen Lyle, International Trade Specialist with the U.S. Export Assistance Center in St. Louis, Missouri
Topic: Conditions and Challenges Faced in Trading with China

March 26, 1997

Speaker: Thomas Andrew O'Keefe, President of Mercosur Consulting Group
Topic: Current Developments in the Mercosur Countries

December 3, 1996

Speaker: Robert Cooper, President of Ameritech Michigan
Topic: The Communication Revolution's Impact on Business

October 22, 1996

Speaker: Derek Kaufman, President and CEO of Diesel Technology
Topic: Technological Revolution

September 19, 1996

Speaker: G. Allen Mebane, Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Executive Committee
Topic: The Fiber Industry

March 14, 1996

Speaker: Joseph Stewart, Senior Vice President - Corporate Affairs, Kellogg Company
Topic: Global Marketplace, Global Company, and Global Philosophy

February 1, 1996

Speaker: Clare W. Zempel, Chair Economist and Chief Investment Strategist with Robert W. Baird & Co

January 13, 1996

Speaker: Nancy Skinner, President of Nancy Skinner & Associates
Topic: Enhancing Your Credibility as a Leader

January 5, 1996

Speaker: Ralph Acampora, First Vice President and Director of Technical Research for Prudential Securities
Topic: The 1996 Market Outlook

December 1, 1995

Speaker: Honorable John Logie, Mayor of the City of Grand Rapids
Topic: Agenda for the 21st Century

October 25, 1995

Speaker: Roger Axtell, Retired Vice President of Worldwide Marketing with the Parker Pen Company
Topic: Do's and Taboos in Business and Travel

September 14, 1995

Speaker: Larry Wachtel, Senior Vice President and Market Analyst at Prudential Securities
Topic: Wall Street Comes to Mainstreet

September 11, 1995

Speaker: Mariano Pane, Italian Businessman and Entrepreneur
Topic: The Environment

April 26, 1995

Speakers: U.S. Congressional Representatives: Vernon Ehlers, Peter Hoekstra, and Fred Upton
Topic: Question Panel

April 11, 1995

Speaker: John Canepa, chairman and CEO of Old Kent Financial Corporation
Topic: West Michigan Economic Development and the New Arena

February 22, 1995

Speaker: Upjohn Institute - George Erickcek, Senior Regional Analyst & Dr. Randall Eberts, Executive Director
Topic: The 1995 Employment Outlook for the Grand Rapids Area

January 19, 1995

Speaker: Ralph Acampora, First Vice President and Director of Technical Research for Prudential Securities
Topic: Forecast '95

November 15, 1994

Speaker: Adriaan Jacobovits, Ambassador from the Netherlands
Topic: What makes the Dutch Tick

October 4, 1994

Speaker: Paul Tsongas, Senator
Topic: Concord Coalition

September 23, 1994

Speaker: William Seidman, Consultant to Government and Business
Topic: Reflecting the past