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We are delighted that you are thinking about a business major, and we would like to highlight a very important part of the successful student's business curriculum: Student Business Organizations. While each organization is unique, all of them share a few important benefits to you:

  • Growth of knowledge in your career area.
  • Networking with professionals in the field.
  • Added credibility to your resume.
  • Social involvement.

Remember, college is more than just attending classes. It means meeting new people, exploring new options, growing in ways you never thought possible, and having a great time while doing it all. So, we would like to help you link into one (or more than one) of Seidman's student business organizations.

Alpha Kappa Psi

Founded in 1904, Alpha Kappa Psi is the oldest and largest co-ed Professional Business Fraternity. As our vision states, Alpha Kappa Psi is recognized as the premier developer of principled business leaders. Alpha Kappa Psi provides outstanding leadership opportunities and the model environment for the development of young professionals committed to the field of business.
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American Marketing Association

Grand Valley's student chapter offers many different opportunities to become acquainted with the world of marketing. Our goal is to learn how best to market ourselves as individuals. We do this through monthly professional dinner meetings where students develop personal relationships with professionals from around the area. Our weekly chapter meetings consist of anything from professional speakers to planning for social or fundraising events. We also attend annual regional and national A.M.A. conferences, and network with other student organizations.

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APICS--The Association for Operations Management

The Student Chapter of the APICS--The Association for Operations Management brings to students an array of opportunity for success in the realm of production and inventory control. Available to students of all levels, this organization, while focusing on the educational and professional development of the student, holds regular meetings, brings speakers to campus, schedules company tours, holds fundraisers, sponsors social events, and otherwise provides a platform for students to network with the over 700 professional members of our parent chapter in Grand Rapids. Through events hosted by our parent chapter, we work hand-in-hand to foster interaction between students and professionals.

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Beta Alpha Psi

The objective of Beta Alpha Psi is to be a service organization for the GVSU community and to encourage and give recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the field of accounting. The club holds regular meetings, takes trips, sponsors speakers, hosts pre-recruiting functions, and participates in an annual awards banquet. Members must meet certain academic standards and membership is by invitation only.

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Beta Gamma Sigma

Beta Gamma Sigma is the international honor society serving business programs accredited by the AACSB International. Membership in BGS is the highest recognition a business student anywhere in the world can receive in a business program. Membership is by invitation only and only to the top ranking undergraduate and graduate students are invited to join BGS. Seidman College of Business students who are eligible for membership in BGS are sent an invitation letter in February. The induction ceremony is held at the end of March.

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Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization

The Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization (CEO) informs, supports, and inspires GVSU students to be entrepreneurial and to seek opportunity through enterprise creation. CEO offers excellent networking opportunities and serves as an informational resource for prospective entrepreneurs. CEO members are able to engage in business plan experience, vision exploration, and tactics to overcome issues that young entrepreneurs may face. CEO was designed to be a stepping-stone for GVSU students to become established in today's business society.

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Delta Sigma Pi

This organization is a professional, interdisciplinary, co-educational business fraternity with a national alumni membership in excess of 150,000 businessmen and women. Membership activities encourage academic and professional development by operating the chapter as a business. Chapter activities include bringing business leaders to campus, conducting fundraisers, field trips, and social events. Membership is open to all pre-business and business students who meet the Seidman academic standards.

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Enterprise Systems Student Union

The Enterprise Systems Student Union (ESSU) is the first student organization at Grand Valley created specifically for students interested in Enterprise Systems. ESSU is open to all majors. The organization hosts the ERP speaker series, provides networking opportunities with companies, conducts resume workshops and practice interviews, and provides tutoring to management information systems students.

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Grand Valley Economics Club

The Grand Valley Economics Club is open to all GVSU students who have an interest in economics. The Club conducts numerous social and scholarly activities throughout the year, including: panel discussions on current economic events and economic hot topics; presentations about job and internship opportunities for economics majors; "Dinner with Models" (social dinners with an economic perspective); presentations by faculty members about their current research; meetings with alumni from GVSU's undergraduate economics program; information sessions on graduate and professional school; and field trips including visits to the Chicago Board of Trade and Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.
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Grand Valley State Organization for Internal and IT Auditors

The Grand Valley State Organization for Internal and IT Auditors is a student organization focused on providing students with supplemental information in internal and IT auditing. The organization is focused on bringing in professional speakers, attending professional meetings outside of the grand valley campus, and also offering students information to help them succeed in careers in internal and IT auditing such as exam prep courses.

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Seidman Graduate Student Advisory Board (GSAB)
The GSAB consists of at least eight graduate business students. New members are elected by the current board each year. The purpose of the board is to support the mission and vision of the Seidman College. The board also promotes a closer relationship and enhances communications between students and the faculty, staff, and administration. Members serve as ambassadors for the Seidman graduate programs and provide input to the dean and the director of the graduate business programs.
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Seidman Investment Portfolio Organization (IPO) The goal of the Seidman IPO is to foster interaction among students and enhance their career opportunities. We are always seeking students who are interested in personal investing, portfolio management, the markets, and economics. The activities of the club include biweekly meetings, trips, speakers, and social events. The primary function of the club has been the management of a portfolio of securities, which was donated to the school. The club has complete power over the investments involved.

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Seidman Minorities Interested in Business

The purpose of this organization is: to develop and encourage professionalism among minorities in the business world; to establish networking and communication skills with the external businesses and business oriented associations; to raise awareness about major events related to the business world in order to improve our knowledge and skills; to make this possible through the use of academic, service, and professional events provided for undergraduate students in business oriented fields. "The mission of this organization is to encourage, inspire, and promote professional and career development of minorities in business at Grand Valley State University."
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Seidman Real Estate Group (CEO)


The goal of the Seidman Real Estate Group is to aid students in attaining real estate industry specific knowledge and offer networking opportunities for students interested in real estate related careers. The group accomplishes this by hosting speakers from different real estate disciplines, touring ongoing and past developments, as well as discussing market trends specific to real estate. This group is open to all majors.

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Seidman Undergraduate Advisory Board

The Seidman Undergraduate Advisory Board members serve as ambassadors through which the needs, opinions, and concerns of all students can be conveyed to the Seidman Dean, and acts as a resource by which the educational experience of Seidman students is enhanced. Membership is by application only. Applications are accepted as needed.  

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Society for Advancement of Management - International

SAM members are generally management majors, but all students are welcome to join. This organization holds regular meetings, brings speakers to campus, hosts social events, and generally works to foster interaction among its members and the outside community.

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Society for Human Resources Management

The purpose of the SHRM is to aid its members in becoming more effective in the field through group projects and activities, publications, speakers, and employment assistance.

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