Transfer Students

If you are transferring credits from a Michigan college or university, your courses will be evaluated for GVSU equivalency when you apply as a degree seeking student. We encourage you to make an appointment with Seidman Undergraduate Student Services to review your curriculum plan and explore our program before admission. Please come in for an appointment with one of our advisors. Appointments can be made by calling (616) 331-7500 or sending email to Please make sure to bring the following when you come for your appointment:

  • A copy of your transcript
  • A course catalog of the school you are transferring from. (Only if you are transferring from out-of-state.)
  • If you are a student transferring from Michigan Colleges, check our Course Equivalency Guide to see which classes will transfer.

As a transfer student, you may receive transfer credit for 100 and 200 level courses in accounting, business law, computing, economics, management, marketing, mathematics, and statistics completed at your junior or community college. You may also receive transfer credit for Intermediate Accounting I. Transfer credit will be given for Intermediate Accounting I if you are able to pass a validation exam. (No credit will be given for Intermediate Accounting II.)

You may apply a maximum of 24 hours of transfer credit for the business courses toward your Seidman School business degree. You must also complete a minimum number of required courses listed below:

  • 5 of the 12 business core courses.
  • 4 of the 6 major courses.

Contact us:
Seidman Undergraduate Student Services
(616) 331-7500

Page last modified August 27, 2012