Undergraduate General Business Major

By allowing you to take courses in several business disciplines instead of concentrating on a specific emphasis, a major in general business increases your ability to choose courses which meet your individual career goals. The 18-credit hour major in general business develops your ability to perceive, identify, and analyze problems, communicate potential solutions, make decisions, and monitor results.

Career Opportunities
General Business majors typically fall into two groups, those who are interested in entrepreneurship and those with unspecified career goals who prefer to take a generalist approach. Entrepreneurial interests include working for a small business, returning to a family-owned business, or aspiring to start a business. Over ninety percent of all businesses have less than twenty-five employees and these businesses employ about half of the nation's workforce. Jobs in these organizations require generalists who can tackle a variety of issues.

Required Courses
In addition to the BBA CORE requirements, as a General Business Major you must take one upper-division (300/400 level) business elective, except independent study and internship, in each:

  • Accounting (ACC 317 or 318 recommended)
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing

One additional upper-division elective in any business discipline including economics.

One three-credit internship in any business discipline.
Students with extensive business experience may meet with an advisor to discuss substituting an alternative course for their internship experience.

Business Course Descriptions

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