Undergraduate Management Major

To lead others in a world of constant change and intense competition, you need a management major. The management major provides you with a balance of technical and interpersonal skills required of an effective manager. You choose from among the following four emphasis: General, Human Resources, Operations, and Organizational Information Systems.

General Management
This 18-credit hour emphasis is recommended if you are interested in more diverse areas of management. It allows for combining interests in areas such as human resource management, organizational information systems and operations management by selecting from a range of courses.

Career Opportunities
Opportunities for this emphasis are as varied as the your interests. Seidman students with general management emphases have obtained jobs as branch managers, customer service directors, catalog managers, departmental managers, and account managers.

Required Courses
In addition to the BBA CORE requirements, as a General Management major, you must take six additional management courses at or above the 300 level.

Human Resources
Business, non-profit, government, and union organizations all need specialists who are trained to respond to employee concerns, administer labor and employment laws, and design policies dealing with diversity and equal opportunity, recruiting and selection, training, performance appraisal, compensation, benefits, discipline, and labor negotiations. Study in the area of human resources emphasizes the management of the relationship between an organization and its employees.

Career Opportunities
As organizations grow and add employees, demand for human resource managers increases. The following is a sample of jobs in which you can find employment: human resource manager, training director, staffing specialist, human resource specialist, compensation, workman's comp, and benefits manager.

Required Courses
In addition to the BBA CORE requirements, as a Human Resource major, you must take 18-credit hours consisting of the following courses:

  • MGT 333 Human Resource Management
  • MGT 334 Labor and Employment Law
  • MGT 336 Compensation and Benefit Management
  • MGT 431 Advanced Human Resource Management
  • MGT 432 Grievance Administration, Arbitration, and Collective Bargaining

And one of the following:

  • MGT 355 The Diversified Work Force
  • MGT 430 Organizational Development
  • MGT 433 International Human Resource Management

Management Information System 
With the increase of computer usage across industries, people with the knowledge to develop end-user applications and to deploy and manage information systems in business organizations are in high demand. The management information systems emphasis gives you this knowledge and provides you with the combination of technical and managerial skills that prepare you to function as the liaison between technical staff and the end-users of information systems.

Career Opportunities
The following is a sample of career opportunities available to you in management information systems: computer system integrator, telecommunications, database administrator, network administrator.

Required Courses
In addition to the BBA requirements, as a Management Information Systems major, you must take:

  • CS 160 Programming with Visual Basic
  • CS 333
  • MGT 350 Principles of Electronic Commerce
  • MGT 451 Introduction to E-Commerce Applications
  • MGT 452 Advanced E-Commerce Applications
  • MGT 371 Systems Analyses and Design 

And one of the following electives:

  • MGT 351 Enterprise Information Systems
  • MGT 360 Business Process Redesign
  • MGT 471 Enterprise System Configuration
  • MGT 475 Customized ERP Solutions

Operations Management
Operations Management involves the application of managerial, quantitative, and computer skills to areas of quality assurance, inventory management, forecasting and scheduling, with the goal of providing you with the tools you need to effectively manage service and manufacturing operations. This emphasis is designed to prepare you in the technical and strategic aspects of producing goods and services.

Career Opportunities
If you have an operations management emphasis, you can find employment in a variety of businesses that require technical and strategic analysis of their business processes. The following is a sample of career opportunities available in operations management: materials manager, plant manager, quality manager, continuous improvement coordinator, service manager, and customer service manager.

Required Courses
In addition to the BBA requirements, as an Operations Management major you must take the following courses:

  • MGT 361 Management Science
  • MGT 362 Computers in Operations Management
  • MGT 367 Manufacturing and Planning and Control

And two of the following courses:

  • MGT 363 Managing Quality
  • MGT 364 Service Operations Management
  • MGT 365 Strategic Management of Operations

And two of the following courses:

  • MGT 337 Purchasing and Materials Handling
  • MKT 457 Physical Distribution/Logistics Management
  • MGT 467 Advanced Topics in Operations Management
  • MGT 466 International Management and Multinational Corporations


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