Undergraduate Student Services

Seidman Undergraduate Student Services is the business advising office for all undergraduate business students. Your successful progress through graduation is our mission. That means that we offer you a supportive environment for identification of graduation requirements, course sequencing, independent study processing, internship exploration and response to any other questions you may have about earning your business degree from the Seidman College of Business.

The Seidman Undergraduate Student Services office is available to serve you, whether you are a pre-business or declared business major student. All business students are encouraged to profit from the services we offer. If you are a pre-business student, you especially should visit us to ensure that you are prepared to take upper-division business courses at the right time.

We can also direct you to faculty for their guidance on major selection and careers. We will assign you a faculty mentor when you are admitted to the upper-division program. He or she will help you with issues concerning your major, or with identification of life goals. Our office is open daily, and is available to students on an appointment or walk-in basis.

Contact us:
Seidman Undergraduate Student Services

(616) 331-7500

Page last modified April 3, 2014