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Study Abroad - India

There are so many advantages to participating in a study abroad program; your question needs to be where you will study abroad, not whether you will study abroad. Expanding your world-view and increasing your marketability by participating in a study abroad experience is an investment in your future.

Choices include Seidman business summer programs, exchange programs, international internships, as well as other opportunities.

Your first step in pursuing a study abroad program is to meet with Alexandra Schmid, the International Business Study Advisor. She is located in 3137 Seidman Center and can be reached by phone at (616) 331-7452, or via e-mail at schmiale@gvsu.edu. Even though you will work with the GVSU Padnos International Center to finalize paperwork, the Seidman College of Business will have final approval on your study abroad program.

Your study abroad "to do" list:

  • Review the study abroad options
  • Schedule an appointment with Alexandra Schmid, International Business Programs, for study abroad advising.
  • Review your financial aid funding options: Financial Aid Quick Facts Guide 
  • Complete the Padnos International Center Study Abroad Application
  • Have Alexandra Schmid, the Seidman International Business Advisor, review your course choices

Explore the links below to help you decide which program best suits your interests and needs. Once you have selected a program or if you would like help selecting a program, please call to set an appointment to review your next steps.

Study Abroad Options

For a list of study abroad business course equivalencies, visit the International Business department site.

Seidman Business Summer Programs

These programs are sponsored by the university and are usually for a short term, typically during the summer. They are either a faculty-led or an affiliate program, which has been designed by the Seidman College of Business. If you participate in these programs, you will be traveling abroad with your classmates. The advantages include:

  • Shorter in duration
  • Travel with other GVSU students
  • No need to master the language
  • Financially less expensive
  • Earn six credits to apply toward your degree


For more information on Seidman business summer programs, click here.

Exchange Programs

GVSU has many exchange agreements with universities around the world. You can participate in these exchanges by going to the host institution abroad. You can participate in summer, semester or year-long programs.

For a list of GVSU exchange programs, visit the Padnos International Center website.

Other Opportunities

You also have the opportunity to create a study abroad experience unique to your needs and interests. Even though GVSU offers a variety of programs, sometimes students like to customize their own programs. In that case, students can go abroad through other universities or study abroad providers and still be considered GVSU students. 

For a list of non-GVSU exchange programs, visit the Padnos International Center website.

Don't forget to review and apply for Seidman & External Study Abroad Scholarships.

Financial Aid

ALL students considering study abroad should have their financial aid reevaluated regardless of whether they are currently receiving federal aid. To determine your financial aid funding options, contact Mr. Nick Bromley from the GVSU Financial Aid office. In your e-mail to Mr. Nick Bromley (bromleni@gvsu.edu), you MUST include the following information: "study abroad" in the subject line, G-Number, total projected cost of the study abroad program. Additional need-based study abroad grants are also available to eligible students. Early application for financial aid is strongly recommended. For more information about study abroad & financial aid visit the Padnos International Center website.