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T. Arnold (Arn) Boezaart, Executive Director
Michigan Alternative and Renewable Energy Center
200 Viridian Drive
Muskegon MI  49440

Phone: (231) 722-4371

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About the Michigan Alternative and Renewable Energy Center (MAREC)

Grand Valley’s Michigan Alternative and Renewable Energy Center in Muskegon is a business incubator offering office and laboratory space to start-up technology companies in the alternative and renewable energy fields. MAREC is one of 11 SmartZones created by the Michigan Economic Development Corp. in an effort to promote and attract high-technology business development in the state. As an economic development catalyst, business accelerator, and research and development center, MAREC links business, education, and government resources -- with an emphasis on the development, commercialization and advancement of emerging technology, with particular focus on alternative and renewable energy.

Business consultation. MAREC staff provides consultation on issues such as business development, incubator start-up opportunities, and resource development for new and existing businesses. And they provide assessment of business plans, technology development, and entrepreneurial potential.

Research and development.  MAREC delivers support in the research and development of emerging technology in the alternative and renewable energy sector.

Business partnerships.  MAREC will help business owners and entrepreneurs find and evaluate opportunities for public and private partnerships in the development of technology in the renewable energy field.

Information and resources.  MAREC provides access to business development education, technology, and research-related seminars and workshops.

Regional development.  MAREC provides leadership, direction, and support for economic development within the local community, lakeshore region, and surrounding West Michigan.

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