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Choosing the Right Graduate School

Do Your Research!

Congratulations! You have made the decision to continue your education on to graduate school. There are thousands of graduate programs around the country that have plenty to offer to students. Here are some important components of a graduate program that you should investigate:

  • What courses are offered? Do these courses meet your area of interest?
  • Reputation/Accreditation of the program and institution
  • Admissions test scores needed
  • Visitation/interview opportunities
  • Length of program
  • When are courses offered? Who teaches them?
  • Essay/portfolio requirements
  • Student/faculty ratios
  • Geographical location/size
  • Can you be a part-time student?
  • Research and Teaching opportunities for students
  • Cooperative vs. Competitive Admissions
  • Are there any practicums or internships required?
  • Tuition rates and financial aid availability
  • Faculty research interests and resources
  • Professional opportunities following graduation
  • Does the program require a comprehensive exam or a thesis?

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Page last modified June 10, 2014